|Alex Hackel| |mixtape|

by imhackel
Jan 2016 - 4.1K views

Track 1: Perisher
Track 2: Cardrona
Track 3: Keystone Part 1
Track 4: Keystone Part 2
Filmed by:
Dan Wagner
Liam Mckinley
Noah Wallace
Matt Walker
Jeremy Pancras
Instagram: @alexhackel

Vibe Quest (Alex Hackel Clip Mix)

by imhackel
Apr 2019 - 1.7K views

A quest for a good time and appreciation for the present moment. One vibe can be transmitted to many people and transcend the usual barriers of our feelings.

Thank you to O'Neill and On3p Skis for making an amazing product that allows me to ski my best :)

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Song: Poobrain - Shitkid

"Hackel Pro 1"

by imhackel
Jun 2020 - 4.4K views

A ski designed to be made your own :)

As a kid i saw some older dudes who i looked up to writing on their skis, snowboards and their clothes. Since then i have followed suit in using art to create inspiration for my skiing. I hope this ski will give you the opportunity to do the same. A big thank you to Scott at On3P for the trust to let me have full creative control and the support along the way.

Thank you Forster Meeks and Aaron Husak for filming!

Available now: