Lucas Wachs 9/10

by LWachs
Sep 2010 - 6K views

My season of filming stuff around bachy and Oregon. Thanks to Cameron Fair, D.O.S. Media, The North Face, Salomon, Trigger Vision, Skjersaa's ski shop, and Mt. Bachelor

Lucas Wachs 2012-2013 Season Edit

by LWachs
Oct 2013 - 5.7K views

My 12/13 season was a blast. Thank you to all that helped filmed and build jumps with me! Please enjoy all this footy that didn't make the cut for "All Damn Day" by 4BI9. Make sure to check out the movie! Thank you!


by LWachs
Oct 2014 - 2.2K views

This is all my left over footage from the winter. It was a good one thats forsure! Thanks to everyone who let me crash on your couch and to all the folks who pointed there camera at me and pressed record. Edited by Adrian Pougiales. Thank you Lib-Tech, The North Face, Hydro Flask, Black Strap, Mt. Bachelor. Lets do it all over again!


by LWachs
Jan 2015 - 4.4K views

First installment of my series. See what I see when I ski! November and December where pretty good here at bachy! Next Episode will be coming from the great white north, Canada! Enjoy!


by LWachs
Apr 2015 - 1.2K views

Bachy has gotten some great spring storms this year and allowed for some all time chowder frothing. Enjoy!


by LWachs
Jan 2016 - 2K views

The first part of the season has been all time here at Mt. Bachelor. This edit portrays my vision of the mountain and how I like to ride it. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

Lucas Wachs "Out of the Fog"

by LWachs
Feb 2016 - 3K views

When faced with an almost non existent west coast winter Lib Tech Ski Ripper Lucas Wachs didn't wait around for perfect conditions. He went out everyday he could, fog, rain, shine, crust or pow. Whether it was solo with a GoPro on his head, a white out blizzard on an early season kicker or sending big to micro transitions at Mt. Bachelor. Lucas skied it all with the natural ease and power that will soon be known as the hallmark of his style. Let Lucas' stack of clips get you motivated to get in the air, try a new a trick, have fun with your homies and most of all to leave your excuses at home!
Music by: Brett Neston Filmed by: Pete Alport, Jasper Newton, Lucas Wachs, Sean Lucey
Lib Tech Skis are handcrafted in the USA at Mervin Mfg the worlds most environMENTAL board factory proudly zero hazardous waste for 11,832 days and counting!


by LWachs
Apr 2016 - 1.2K views

We set out into the Oregon wilderness to hang out and focus on the simple things in life. Skiing, surviving and having fun. Enjoy the short edit from our little adventure. Filmed by Fletcher Hukari. Skiing by John Ware and Lucas Wachs. Shouts to Marissa for coming out with us and hanging out as well!
"Charlie don't surf" The Clash
"meRua" Umalali
"Turn down the sound" Adrian Younge