Bayard Baker spring day @ Stowe

by Chef.Bayardee
Nov 2016 - 2.4K views

Broke my collarbone in Janurary of my Junior Year of high school. Made it back on snow in time for some spring shred. Ended up only filming one morning before jumps got too slow to hit and made the most of it. Shot by my homie Hayden kjelleren and chopped by Sam Mcchesney

Bayard Baker HOODSZN

by Chef.Bayardee
May 2018 - 1.5K views

Finished my finals and drove through the night to HOOD! Had a wicked bomb play list so ya boi was able to stack some clips.
Shout outs to Theftway, Tline, Road 39, my boy Tony Bologna, Dairy Queen, and Bacon Egg and Cheeses. Also shout out the entire state of Oregon for being a generally super dope zone. Can't wait to get back next year! Big ups to Chris bechtold baby yeahhh, Stoney Bill, Ben Marmer, Hobey, Casey, and any of the homies who pointed their phone/ Handy cam @ me.

season edit 2018

by Chef.Bayardee
Jul 2018 - 2.4K views

Had an unreal second winter out in Utah. Finally was able to get enough footy to put together a proper season edit for the first time in a long while. Big shoutouts to Cal Almot, Ben Marmer, Chirst Bechtold, Shayne Cashin, Evan Gurek, and all the homies that pointed their cams at me this year. Filmed at Park City, Brighton, And Timberline