They See Me Trollin: Season 3 Episode 3: Hemping

by Saga.
May 2015 - 13.6K views

In an effort to further understand his fellow skiers Steve decides to test out "hemping". *Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this video are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Saga Outerwear.*

Justin DL: One Day

by Saga.
Jun 2015 - 2.8K views

One of our many Sagafam members from north of the border, Justin has put together one heavy edit with unmatched style and flow. Filmed at Stoneham in the morning and Le Relais in the afternoon. Film & Edit: Xavier Girard

Saga Outerwear: Fall/Winter 15/16 Product Release

by Saga.
Jul 2015 - 3.4K views

Saga Outerwear is proud to announce the launch of our 15 / 16 Winter Collection. The line focuses on technical innovation, improved fits and construction. The introduction of the Monarch 3 Layer Bib pant, Insulted Mutiny Jacket and the Scout Softshell Jacket are a few new additions to the line. See the entire collection at Riders In Order Of Apparence: - Nicky Keefer - Tim McChesney - Dylan Manley - John Kutcher - Jake Doan - Steve Stepp - Mitchell brower Video Footage Courtesy of: Good Company Level 1 Productions The Coterie 4bi9 Media Hennie VJ Edit: 4bi9 Media Music: Silent Strike - "Carousel"

Style & Fit Guide: Traditional FIt

by Saga.
Jul 2015 - 2.2K views

Traditional Fit refers to a slightly longer cut with a regular proportion width. Traditional does not mean short and wide. Riders in order of Appearance: - Wiley Miller - Tim McChesney - Mitchell brower Edit: 4bi9 Media Music: "Archers Garden" - Reid Willis

Style & Fit Guide: Tailored Fit

by Saga.
Jul 2015 - 2.1K views

Riders in order of appearance: - John Kutcher - Dash Kamp - Nicky Keefer - Dylan Manley Video Footage Courtesy of: Good Company Level 1 Productions The Coterie 4bi9 Media Hennie VJ Edit: 4bi9 Media Music: "Pivot" - Reid Willis


by Saga.
Sep 2015 - 1.9K views

YLESKI 2015 is the culmination of Wiley Miller?s 2015 winter season. Shot almost exclusively in the Columbia Mountains of interior British Columbia. The winter of 2015 was adverse in many areas of North America. Finding good conditions remained challenging. Patience, and persistence was key in finding safe, suitable snowpack. This is the second installment to the YLESKI series, highlighting the best of Wiley Miller and his approach to snow. ?I set out this winter to spend my time exploring new mountains, scouting lines, and finding natural airs in the terrain to work with. This season ski touring, route finding, and line selection were set in priority above building jumps and locating step-downs. It was an alternative I decided to take when the snow started to fly in November of 2014. I set out to do more skiing and less building, setting up-tracks versus cutting blocks for jumps. The sport becomes so dynamic when you?re working with larger terrain. It?s challenging, I love the experience, and constant education that takes place out there in the mountains.? Produced and Edited by: Magnafire Media - Darren Rayner & Jan Schuster Filmed by: Darren Rayner, Freedle Coty, Austin Ramaley, Sean Logan Music: The Blue Angel Lounge - Looming Solid Massive Steamer

Funkmen Preheaters

by Saga.
Nov 2015 - 4.6K views

Last year Connor "The Condor" O'brien won our Outside The Box video contest. He is now wasting no time getting after the 2015/16 season. Riders: @BatCatTheSavior @weird_tofer Songs:In credits Filming: Shane stolz Description: New web series starring Condor OBrien and Chris Weir bringing in the funk!

The Hungry Crew: The Gang's All Here

by Saga.
Dec 2015 - 2.5K views

It's finally here! Park City Mountain Resort is up and running. Welcome to our new video series for the 2015/2016 season, The Hungry Crew. Watch Tim McChesney, Steve Stepp, Wiley Miller, John Kutcher, Ryan Wyble, Nicky Keefer, LJ Strenio and more of the #sagafam warm it up as another season gets under way. Video & Edit: 4bi9 Media ( Song: "Haystack Rock N Roll" - Jakson Boone (

The Hungry Crew: keep It Rolling

by Saga.
Jan 2016 - 2.7K views

With the parks up and running and the competition season underway, the SagaFam are getting after it. Watch John Kutcher, Steve Stepp, Nicky Keefer, Ryan Wyble, Dylan Sondrup and Mcrae Williams do what they do best. Shot and Cut: 4bi9Media ( Music: ?Lyrically Abstract?, ?Box With Gods?, ?Maybe Full? - Elbe Kim and Justo (

The Hungry Crew: Game On

by Saga.
Feb 2016 - 1.7K views

Park City is all time right now. The whole SagaFam came out swinging heavy in the third episode of The Hungry Crew. Featuring: Nicky Keefer Ryan Wyble Mitchell Brower Tim McChesney Jake Doan Film & Edit: 4bi9 Media Music: Elbe Kim - "Freedom"

Rice Triangle: Mitchell Brower 2015

by Saga.
Feb 2016 - 5.2K views

Rice triangle - Mitchell Brower 2015 If you've ever been to Asia and eaten a rice triangle, you know that it is a delight. 2015 was a rice triangle year for me: I got married, graduated from college, filmed for level 1's movie for the first time, and traveled to Japan, Korea, Sweden, and Canada. I'm very thankful for the great experiences I had and the people that made it all possible. This edit is a combination of my footage from 3 projects: Small World - Level 1 We Trust Your Judgement - The Coterie Secret Storm - The Brothers Brower Enjoy!

The Hungry Crew: Nice Try Steve

by Saga.
Mar 2016 - 3.2K views

Steve Stepp attempts to host the next episode of 'The Hungry Crew,' but fails, proving once again that he's an incompetent amateur. Lucky everyone else's skiing makes up for it. Featuring: Steve Stepp, John Kutcher, Mitchell Brower, Jake Doan, Nicky Keefer, Andy partridge and Dylan Sondrup. Film & Edit: 4bi9 Media ( Music: Elbe Kim and Justo - ?Saboteur?// ?The Fire? (

Saga Outerwear 2016 Look Book

by Saga.
Jun 2016 - 2.3K views

After more than a decade developing and creating the best outerwear, apparel and accessories for an on and off snow lifestyle we are proud to showcase our 2016 look book video. This video features products from our 2016 Spring/Summer line as well as 2016 Fall/Winter (available for pre-order now Video: 4bi9 Media ( Music: "Feels Like The End", "Hip Hop #195 Street 90s Boom Bap", "Hip Hop #196 Old French La La La", "Hip Hop Triste Eat Yourself", "Hip Hop #125 Smooth Boom Bap"

They See Me Trollin: Legacy of a Troll

by Saga.
Jun 2016 - 22K views

Steve dedicates his final Trollin episode to the industry that he lived and worked in for 15+ years. This film documents not only his life. but the corruption, greed and exploitive tendencies of the ski industry. The truth is here. Primary video: Alex Curry (

The Hungry Crew: Shut It Down

by Saga.
Apr 2016 - 3.1K views

As Utah resorts began to close we gathered up the crew and put together our final episode of the season. Look out for some new SagaFam dropping hammers in this one. Film & Edit: 4bi9 Media ( Music: Paco and The G Train Bandit - "Bang" ( Elbe Kim - "Stampede" (

The Switch

by Saga.
Apr 2015 - 2K views

Many years ago someone decided they wanted to go backwards on their skis. The tails were turned up and the rest is history. Watch as the SagaFam do "The Switch". Edit: Cameron Payne Video courtesy of: Mark Thalman, 4bi9 media, Good Company, The Coterie

Rare Offerings: Jake and Dylan

by Saga.
Apr 2015 - 1.4K views

Jake Doan and Dylan Manley are two of the most unique members of the Sagafam. Whether its their on snow style, choice of music, or general attitude towards life, these two always have something special to offer. Video: Mark Thalman Edit: Cameron Payne (

Saga Outerwear Summer 2015 Video Lookbook

by Saga.
May 2015 - 1.2K views

Saga Outerwear is proud to announce the launch of our 2015 Summer Collection. Drawing inspiration from the great outdoors, the collection debuts an array of all-over nature themed prints, an integration of technical fabrics, and a focus on quality, fit and construction. Music: Daktyl Song: Stay (feat. Dive Deep) Filmed & Edited by Studio Elevn

They See Me Trollin 3.2: Corporate Pressure

by Saga.
Mar 2015 - 10.9K views

As sponsors start realize the potential profits from They See Me Trollin' they start to put pressure on Steve to expand the reach and marketability of the series. Watch as Steve struggles with the new "improvements".

Let Er Buck

by Saga.
Mar 2015 - 910 views

As the last weekend of the Saga Outerwear X 4FRNT SKIS Collab is upon us, we've compiled Wiley Miller's Greatest Hits from the past season for your viewing pleasure. Footage is combined from X-Games Real Snow, and Level 1 Productions, Enjoy.

2014 Premium Series

by Saga.
Oct 2014 - 1.6K views

The Saga Outerwear Premium Series is the most waterproof and breathable technology. This series is developed with the highest standard of technical fabrication and functional materials. Featuring: Wiley Miller, Willie Nelson, Luke Perin, Tim McChesney, Nicky Keefer. Edit: The Bureau ( Footage: Saga Outerwear, The Bureau, Darren Rayner, 4bi9 Media, Soul Ryders

2014 Riding Series

by Saga.
Oct 2014 - 914 views

The Saga Outerwear Riding Series is designed to blend an off-hill style with technical materials that function properly in riding conditions. Featuring: Dash Kamp, John Kutcher, Steve Stepp Edit: The Bureau ( Footage: Saga Outerwear, The Bureau, Darren Rayner, 4bi9 Media, Soul Ryders

Saga Outerwear | Winter 13.14 Cook Book | Premium Series

by Saga.
May 2013 - 161 views

The 13/14 Premium Series by Saga Outerwear is our top offering of jackets and pants featuring 2 and 3 layer fabrics matched with superior accessories. Watch the Sagafam as they walk you through the first of 4 new lines for the 13/14 season, we hungry. Shot and edited by 4bi9 Media

DOMAIN: Park City 3

by Saga.
Mar 2013 - 4.5K views

As the SagaFam got ready to head to Bear Mountain for the War of Rails we looked to some of our up and comers to fill in this week. Check out LJ Strenio, Steve Stepp, Dave Euler, and Dylan Sondrup. Shot and edit by Evan Heath Follow on Instagram: @lj_strenio @stevestepp @daveeuler @sagaouterwear #sagafam #sagawinter

Shred with the Sagafam Day @ Brighton, UT

by Saga.
Feb 2013 - 1K views

Steve Stepp, John Kutcher and Nicky Keefer shred with the kids at Brighton Resort, UT. Thank you everyone who came out and rode along with the SagaFam. @stevestepp @johnkutcher @keefbox @sagaouterwear @brightonresort #sagafam

DOMAIN: Park City 2

by Saga.
Feb 2013 - 4.6K views

Didn't get enough SagaFam at Park City in our last edit? Well you're in luck. This week we bring you Giray Dadali, Tim Durtschi, and Nicky Keefer. Keep in mind, they are not filming for segments in this edit. This is all a few laps over the course of one to two days. Follow on Instagram: @girayd @timdurtschi @keefbox @sagaouterwear #sagafam