PlayGroundProduction teaser Rookski

by wickedtunagang
Sep 2009 - 4.8K views

This is our teaser for the first skimovie from rookski.

Rookski is a brand new skiteam from a city without snow( stavanger, norway) who only have been skiing this winter. we love to ski and desided to make a movie =D

dont have to big exeptions ;D

André Ydstebø - Season Edit!

by wickedtunagang
Sep 2014 - 383 views

Freeskiing, or Newschool skiing is a specific type of skiing. It is a subset of Freestyle skiing, although many participants view it as a separate sport and do not refer to it as freestyle. The sport does not require participants to compete, but there are competitive events available at every level of the sport.

Wicked Tuna Gang 6

by wickedtunagang
May 2015 - 9.1K views

The travelling gang of Tunas follows The Gulf Stream on an epic quest to Norways wierdest spring skiing.

@andreydstebo @slettalaen #øssi @torgrimaanestad @henrikwj @erikejsing

Wicked Tuna Gang 7

by wickedtunagang
Aug 2015 - 6.7K views

Our fishingquota is filled and the bluefin tunas is safe until next season!

Riders: Nick Goepper, Anders Sletten, Torgrim Aanestad, Erik Madsen, André ydstebø, magnus uglum, fillip ferreira

Wicked Tuna Gang 8

by wickedtunagang
Jan 2016 - 2.7K views

The reality television series about commercial Tuna fishermen based in Oslo, Norway is back to present theirs conquer of lucrative Atlantic bluefin tunas.

Sorry for blowing out your favorite song!

Raiders: Erik Madsen Torgrim Aanestad Andre Ydstebo¸ Sindre Cottis

See yah soon!

Wicked Tuna Gang 10

by wickedtunagang
Mar 2016 - 882 views

As the fishing season goes on and in danger of being caught of Captain Paul and his crew, the expensive Bluefin tunas continues to trawl the eastside of Norway for various hideouts.

If you have a request, a new trick etc. for the next episode feel free to express yourself.

Riders: Erik Madsen (Sorry for bringing Snowboard to NS, but he is such a great boy) Torgrim Aanestad, Andre Ydstebo, Henrik Waldemar Jahnsen and some random kids ;-)

Wicked Tuna Gang 13

by wickedtunagang
Apr 2016 - 5.7K views

When a violent storm rolls in during late season, the Gloucester captains face a tough decision at a critical time: Do they K fed or future spin?

Riders: Jon Olsson @andreydstebo @erikejsing @henrukwj @torgrimaanestad @magnusuk93 @magnyg1