Andre Ydstebo - Tuna Nigiri 16/17

by wickedtunagang
Nov 2016 - 3.1K views

Have a bite, good folks!

Thanks to all the filmers and friends giving me good company ;) through the season.

If you want to have as much fun as I did this season, take your Icelantics and head over to Oslo Vinterpark or Tiril Parken!

Stay Wicked!

Wicked Tuna Gang 16

by wickedtunagang
Jan 2017 - 8.1K views

Season 3 of the lucrative Atlantic tuna fishing in the sunny North Atlantic Ocean has startet. The riders of fishermen will battle each other to see who can catch the most shots in the Arctic preseason shenanigans.

Riders: André Ydstebo, Torgrim Aanestad, Anders Sletten and some hired friends!

Locations: Tirilparken and Oslo vinterpark

Wicked Tuna Gang 18

by wickedtunagang
Apr 2017 - 4.6K views

Locations: Oslo Vinterpark, hafjell, X games, Buali

Tunas: Jossi Wells, Torgrim Aanestad, Andre Ydstebo, Simen nygaard, Marius Annmark, Magnus Nygaard, Anders Sletten ++

Wicked Tuna Gang 19

by wickedtunagang
Apr 2017 - 4.3K views

It's over the midpoint of the season, and Tunas is determined to stay out as long as necessary in order to separate themselves from the pack.

Riders: Torgrim Aanestad, Andre Ydstebo, Simen nygaard, Petter Oedegaard and Anders Sletten

Locations: Oslo Vinterpark, Geilo, Ringkollen

Thanks for watching : - )

Wicked Tuna Gang 20

by wickedtunagang
May 2017 - 2.1K views

The 20th attempt of unload my boat of fish, I think there us enough tunas for one final episode before the quota is filled this season.

Starring: Anders sletten, Sig tveit, torgrim aanestad, AndreYdstebo ++