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May 2014 - 1.4K views

Between the east coast getting hammered with snow, and Sunday River creating their new terrain park T72 which had some of the biggest jumps on the east coast, this season was the best season yet. Here is a reel of the best footage I shot of the crew this winter; I present: Phaze//Winter. Remember kids, PHAZE TO THE WORLD and stomp everything.

Zach Tidd Gets Worked

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Mar 2013 - 1.5K views

Zach came on to the feature a little wrong and gets worked. Looks like his knee should have blown but somehow he came away with only an ankle sprain.

Rodeo 7 to Thug Zone

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Feb 2013 - 4.7K views

Zach Tidd goes a lil too big and takes the rode to thug status. Probably would have landed it if he spun more, shits lame anyway should have done an extra 540

Tim DuBois Gets Mangled

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Mar 2012 - 2.6K views

After we got all this snow, we went after some urban, Tim hit this probably twenty times before he finally cleaned it until he landed on the rock which robbed him. The next try...this happened.

A Jump Day

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Jan 2012 - 1.3K views

A quick edit of a jump day at SR, soft snow and nice sun, however it got icy towards the end of the day so I had to quit.

Alex Hackel Maine Edit

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Jan 2012 - 5.4K views

Alex sent it to Sunday River during his Thanksgiving and Christmas Breaks from Windells Academy. We filmed this over four days, two from thanksgiving, two from christmas. We wanted as banger an edit as possible, and this is what we got. There's a lack of snow for this year in almost all the country so the parks were lacking but a jib park is in sight, and a lot of bigger features are up now.

A Sunny Sunday at Sunday River

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Nov 2011 - 1.3K views

A Good Weekend at Sunday River With Some of the best riders on the East Featuring: Mitch Noddin, Joey Sczurko, Tucker Pillsbury, Henry Bonneau, Curtis Bolduc, Robert Bittner, Boo Strachan, Geoff Erskine, Tyler Duncan, and Luke Brown

Opening Day At Sunday River

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Nov 2011 - 806 views

Opening Day at SR. 5th day in a row that they've opened for halloween. Featuring: NDye, Tim Dubois, Curtis Bolduc, Boo Strachan, and Robert Bittner

BnB get Mammoth

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Jul 2011 - 2.4K views

B-Paul and B-Dog spin a few mellow laps at Mammoth in May If B-Dog, B-Paul or Inspired wants me to take it down, and them post it, they can feel free to! Just thought I'd post as I hadn't seen it posted yet

We Outside At Sunday River

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Jan 2011 - 5.1K views

Quick edit from Sunday River. The filming and editing isn't meant to be taken too seriously as it was with my flip video camera. I'm in desperate need for a GoPro obviously. Song: Outside by Mac Miller (miniweapon remix)

Downtown Showdown, Portland ME

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Feb 2010 - 4.7K views

Portland Maine, Sunday River, and Sugarloaf put on a legit rail jam in the city! I appoligize in advance for the shaky shots, my hand was beyond cold, it turned beat red, and I could barely hold the cam. Also, I'm sorry for the shitty shots. Some coaches got in the way and ignored the fact that I was trying to film. This is not an edit to display editing or videography skill, it's just for fun!