A Couple of Days with Birk Irving (9 years old!)

by traylortrash
Sep 2009 - 7.2K views

A couple of days filming with 9 year old Birk Irving, right after he hurt his arm at nationals. This isn't half of what he can do, he can normally stomp 9s and 10s! No joke, kid kills it...

How U Like Dat- Redman,
Church for Thugs- The Game,
Universal Love- DL Incognito

Abay Spring 2011

by traylortrash
Jul 2011 - 2K views

Having fun. Chopped n screwed by Frank Traylor. Music: Beat Auction II - Classified; Trouble - Classified; Marion Sunshine - Blue Scholars; The Day Doesn't Die - Classified |four.cinema|