Skitoga season edit

by theabortionator
Sep 2008 - 11K views

Ted's pimpin edit of the jore crew. Double front, double back, 9s, rodeo 7s, corked randomness, ballerina steez, bails, all kinds of ski/snowboard goodiesa little sketch but entertaining. maybe some better shots this season

Sofa king adventure

by theabortionator
Apr 2010 - 5.5K views

Sofa king contest. Lost a ton of footage, put together an awful edit. Some funny spots. Tim had some decent rail shots in flat light at snow. Pretty bad all around though

Northstar Mobbin

by theabortionator
Jun 2019 - 787 views

Park Crew lapz with the squad. Minimal ski content, deal with it.jpeg :)
I think this was all the last day or two of the season. Solid spring vibes to close her out.
Snerberders: Borty, Bryan, Cormac, Court. Skiers: Jarod, Rourke.