LWD S4E1// A Blue Christmas

by MikeUrich
Jan 2022 - 530 views

Its been a slow start to the 21/22 ski season. It is great to be back and the kids are starting the season off strong. In this episode Dad makes the annual pilgrimage to the Jark to hike some tubes and makes a trip to Blue Mountain, PA to take some laps with good friend Jon Matalavage. Then the kids tackle the discovery area at Roundtop Mountain Resort for their first day on hill. Enjoy!


by pvscompany
Feb 2022 - 2.1K views

" As a kid, Ben dreams of reaching the level of his favorite athletes, who have become legends today. During his ski descent, he finds himself sharing his ride with the greatest. This descent will go viral on the internet, provoking the craze of future generations, all curious to see such a sharing. "

Making-of :

- - - -

Starring : Ben buratti 

Guests : Richard Permin ; Seb Michaud ; Edgar Grospiron ; Perrine Laffond ; Laurent Favre ; Kadis Gomis

Partnership : La Clusaz ; Delaware ; Picture ; Elevation indoor ; La Scierie

Producer : David Lacote 

Production manager : Mathilde Fiet & Malo Le Floch-Lescop

Writer : Marc Augey

Director : Andy Collet & Marc Augey

DOP : Andy Collet & Marc Augey

Additional cinematography : Antonin Claude ; Vincent Ricci ; Keryan Sorton ; Tom Granier ; Arthur Tillier
Photographer : Germain Favre-Felix

Drone : Sandy Collet 

FPV : Hensli Sage & Augustin Binet

Editing : Andy Collet & Marc Augey

VFX : Axel Barde

Color grading : Vincent Ricci

Poster : Aurora Catera

Mix audio : Martin Laumond & Marc Augey 

Original usic composition : Raphael Stuart & Tristan Stuart ; 
ACM Studio - LyreBirds Records
Music supervision : Rotary Lab 

Making-of : Laura Lardeux 

Logistic : H Concept ; Alex Hamelin ; Fabien Niet ; Clement Jacquemain ; Antoine Rachel ; Fabien Catteneo ; François Pollet-Thiollier ; Loic Collomb Patton ; David Benneville ; Manon Payot

Thanks to : Faction ; La SATELC ; Office de tourisme de La Clusaz ; Le club des sports de La Clusaz


by evanyellick
Mar 2022 - 2.2K views

Skiers in order of appearance:
Dom Diedrich (@dominickdiedrich)
Dylan Patty (@dylanpatty_)
Andrew Hope (@andrew.hope1)
Evan Yellick (@evanyellick)
Simon Kleinertz (@simon_kleinertz)
Paul (@_pflot_)
Jeb (@_jebadia_)
Jack Kaiser (@_jackkaiser_)


Mar 2022 - 431 views

super delayed edit, more otw asap

filmed by: øystein, sindre and leon


bendik horgen
mathias laukli
lukas mythe
jørgen marksten
sindre plassen
leon jacobsen
øystein abrahamsen
fynn aron amm
matias lauritsen

edit by sindre

The Junk Show Goes to Oregon

by Skier-Jon
Nov 2022 - 827 views

Bought a dad cam before the annual Oregon pilgrimage this year and had an absolute blast. If you've ever wanted to know what spring pass and sleeping in the woods on the flanks of mount hood look like this is your best bet. All shots are in chronological order (except for the credits.)
Filmed by Jonathan Klutsch, Jeff Preble, Keith Foley, and Logan McGlamery
Edited by Jonathan Klutsch


by cork7blount
Dec 2022 - 691 views

A view into the gent's 21-22 season

Edited by Kaitek Johnston and Alex Dumont


Lee Fields - Ordinary Lives
Schoolboy Q - The Purge/Rapfix Cypher 20ysl Remix
I'm Waiting Here - David Lynch
UGK ft. Outcast - International Players Anthem (Maker Remix)
Jon and Roy - Mountain Town

Mentor and Mentee pt. I - We R Biologocologists

by Goldiee
Jan 2023 - 91 views

Another day another Saga jacket experience in the Whistler cunch!! Cunch being basically groomers.. There’s a kfed and a backflip somewhere in there. Comment if you find them.

Jacob Shew (lil’ buddy with the bomb drops and absolute groomer destruction)
Liam Golding