FIRST twenty2 crew edit

by TotallyTrevor
Feb 2009 - 8.2K views

We FINALLY got some good enough footage to make an edit and sorry about the mixed qualities, and the SUPER shitty quality shot at the bad

this was filmed Feb. 5th and 7th, with a little shitty sony handycam and a canon GL2

"Sinking Battleship" rail edit

by TotallyTrevor
Feb 2009 - 6.8K views

So the park manager tried to make a flat-down-down-er, which he called the "sinking battleship" it was kinda just a really mellow battleship but whatever it was fun, and we got some okay shots.....enjoy

Mini Rainbox Sesh

by TotallyTrevor
Apr 2009 - 5.6K views

We found this private ski area with a big snow patch and this little rainbow rail there, so we walked in and sessioned. This is a few weeks after our ski hill closed too.


by TotallyTrevor
May 2009 - 9K views

A fun little gym session with some taco bell action at the end

also i had the shutter speed way to high which explains the grainy bad

Wisconsin Urban 09//10

by TotallyTrevor
Sep 2010 - 3.6K views

All the rails that we got on film from last ski season!! We were gonna make a movie and have this as a segment but never ended up making it so i forgot to upload it to newschoolers until now....enjoy!

Mini Roadtrip! WI to MN

by TotallyTrevor
Oct 2010 - 2.7K views

We decided to travel to Summit boardshop in Minnesota to hit their summer set up! There was supposed to be a tow rope, which was kind of the reason we went, but it was fun nonetheless. During our adventure we got to shoot a cannon, play with ninja weapons and drink a lot of mountain fury!

Chicken & GoFast (edit) @ Keystone!!

by TotallyTrevor
Feb 2011 - 3.3K views

We just moved out to Colorado from Wisconsin in November and finally got around to filming an edit!! we filmed this in an afternoon at keystone, so there will be MOAR bangers and MOAR jumps in our edits to come (hopefully)