Big Snow Self Cut

by rojo.grande
Oct 2021 - 247 views

Filmed, chopped, skied. This 1 was a fun experiment, and now that I know I can film myself without my camera bein destroyed there's more to come.

Old vid from July

BONK Apparel Vid 1

by rojo.grande
May 2022 - 230 views

This vid was shot from a trip up to loaf to meet up with some homies from school, one of which has a clothing line called BONK apparel. This trip was a straight ski bum childhood dream, and I did my best with my mediocre film and editing skills to capture it. Hope you all enjoy!!

If ur interested or want to cop, hit up @bonapparel on the gram!

Fridge Diaries Episode 1

by rojo.grande
Jul 2022 - 2K views

Welcome to the fridge, where the temp is cold n the clips are too damn hot!

This is roughly going to be a bi weekly series for the summer capturing some of the antics in the meadowlands. I’m on a bit of a setback right now getting covid and having some random kid in NYC break my camera, but that’s life, and it’s all good. We should be back up and running this coming week. In the mean time, enjoy episode 1!

Dan Tyson
Mike Robins
Ryan Schumann
Addi Hamer
Vic Neis
James Capasello
Declan Coyle
Harry Latshaw
Ryan “33” Stevenson

Dan “slim lim” Loomis

Reggae Fest: A collection of homies

by rojo.grande
Apr 2023 - 407 views

An Easter Sunday Reggae Fest adventure featuring:
Vic Neis
Ben Jalbert
Dom Richard
Eden Hamer
Cooper Kucera
Carson Theriault
Ryan Brueninghaus
Ben Amburgey
Finn Urey

Smoke Two Joints - Sublime
Stellar - Incubus

Full Battery

by rojo.grande
Nov 23rd - 274 views

A year later, we finally have a full battery. And loaf pre-season is firing.

Riders in order of appearance:
Max Hamilton
Carson Theriault
Dom Richard
Ezra Mathieu
Sean Brueninghaus
Noah Hofeman

Thanks to:
Sugarloaf Parks
Gil for making snow
Colgan for cheffin 24/7


by rojo.grande
Jan 28th - 2.2K views


GETPIFFEDAPPAREL has corrupted the local network, burn one to this.

Shout out sugarloaf park crew, thank you for your beautiful work.

Skiers in order:
Carson Theriault
Dom Richard
Arden Weaver
Ezra Mathieu

007 - Lil double O