First season in the Park

by pizzaslush
Apr 2021 - 461 views

First season hitting park, just got rails like a month ago, not good at all but we getting there, sliding rails my goal for the season, can’t wait for to get sendy with it next year. -slusssssshh

last sesh at mammoth

by pizzaslush
May 2021 - 156 views

Went up to mammoth for the weekend to get some final laps in, didn’t get to many clips, wish I could throw more stuff on rails, just started learning so that’s what the summer set up gonna be for. Hope you all are still shredding🥰🥰

I need a shower

by pizzaslush
Oct 2021 - 270 views

I’m camping up in mammoth and one of you fowl smelling creatures who live or are staying up here should really let me wash my luscious hair in their throne