KB edit 09

by Smuffy
Mar 2009 - 2.8K views

A short vid for a contest at our local mountain. no flips cause they not allowed. its kind of a joke, so watch it through.

1.5 Hours in Waterville

by Smuffy
Mar 2010 - 3.4K views

I really hate facebook vids but it wouldnt upload here soooo... shoutout to ECOD and Poop-Sack clothing. Illis on the east coast. PS my skis are bigger than they look. damn compression issues

Coach Smuff's Day Off

by Smuffy
Sep 2017 - 3.2K views

Ok, I lied. It's from a couple days off. But sometimes I have to take a break from teaching the kids to let them know what's really good.

Shoutouts to my dudes at @vishnufreeski