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Sunday Jams - Emberley Edit 3

by nonexistant
Sep 2010 - 5.8K views

In this edit Team Rider Leith Huffadine heads up Cardies for a casual Sunday Jam in amongst some midwinter midst and pow, finishing off in sunshine with a few park runs.

Meanwhile, Team Rider Blake Lepper is kickin back to Frank Sinatra tunes in Treble Cone's backcountry chutes on a sunny sluffy afternoon.

Note: The final shot is Leith's unfortunate attempt at a flat 3, landing funny, knocking the camera cold and shattering bones in his arm, lovely. Enjoy.

Filming by James Huffadine, Leith Huffadine and Blake Lepper
Editing by Andy Crone


Netsky - Mellow (feat. Terri Pace)
Frank Sinatra - Come Dance With Me

Produced by Emberley NZ