Patrick Sullivan COC Make Me a Digger Entry

by CK.
Apr 2011 - 4.1K views

The working version*
NOT MY VIDEO! but my favourite

I have been building rails and jumps in my backyard for the last 15 years. I always found building to be just as rewarding as skiing and soon realized that these two aspects of skiing can complement each other well. Creative features can help skiers come up with innovative tricks and sometimes the rotation of a trick can inspire the design for a new feature.
When I graduated from high school I decided that architecture would be a good profession for me to utilize my creative thinking and love for building. I think that architecture has been a great match for me, but after 5 years of college I just want to go back to what I originally enjoyed doing and being a digger at Camp of Champions would be the perfect opportunity for me to do that.

Cameron Keith Momentum Contest! HELP

by CK.
Apr 2012 - 1.1K views

Hey there, So i have never been to a summer ski camp like Momentum or any other. I would really appreciate if everyone could follow the link in the comments and Click on Cameron Keith's Video and give it a like. Thanks alot!