Mike Mertion KOS09 Edit

by *Rage-Films*
Oct 2009 - 9.1K views

Here's Mike Mertion's King of Style entry for 2009. Footage is from Pretty Good and Such is Life by Rage Films. Mike would be the happiest Canadian if you vote for him. Thanks for the support

Dylan Natale Pretty Good Footage

by *Rage-Films*
Nov 2009 - 13.1K views

An edit from Dylan Natales 08/09 year filming with Rage Films in the Utah Backcountry. Dylan has recently entered the SLC house flipping business with life partner Kyler Cooley.
Although he lists sarcasm and soccer as his main talents, he is also a pretty good skier. Even with flipping houses Dylan worked hard and once again turned out a solid segment.

Derek Spong Pretty Good

by *Rage-Films*
Dec 2009 - 19.4K views

When it comes to slaying jumps Derek Spong is a silent warrior. We at Rage have worked with many talented athletes at our park shoots but Spong is always the guy to watch. His ability to make natural and unnatural spins look effortless is impressive. Last year Spong added Double corks to his arsenal further displaying his warrior like skills.