OSP "Monday Mixtapes" Teaser

by steezyjibber
Jun 2010 - 4.7K views

Overshot Productions had a tough season: three riders going to college, one crashed Subaru, some not so good weather, the realization that urban is harder than it looks, and more. However, there was plenty to enjoy this year, but we just didn't have enough footage to make a movie.

This year, we will be doing "Monday Mixtapes"; a new edit every Monday starting in July, in place of a movie.

Riding by:
Tom Gallagher
Nick Dydych
Mike Sweet
Raymond Milnarik
Kevin Lennon
Patrick Lennon.

Cinematography by:
The entire crew.

Editing by:
Ben Sweet.

Next year we are planning to do a movie and make it live up to its full potential. It may or may not be our last. But filming for that doesn't start for another 5 months.

Also, be on the look out this summer for cliff jumping and other types of summer activity edits.

All comments are appreciated.


Lake George Boards & Cliff Jumping

by steezyjibber
Jul 2010 - 4.2K views

Filmed on a GoPro Helmet Hero HD (all shots are filmed in hand).

Ben Sweet, Tom Gallagher, and Sarah Behan cruise Lake George on July 6th and hit up the Lake George Club, a Random House, Dollar Island, & Calf's Pen.

The edit turned out pretty fast paced, but I think it turned out well. It was hard to edit the GoPro footage in Adobe Premiere because it was extremely slow & laggy.

"Caught Up In You" by .38 Special

Stratton Session

by steezyjibber
Jan 2011 - 2.4K views

A few runs at Stratton.

Between using Final Cut's SmoothCam feature, not so good lighting, and a crappy fisheye, the quality is not superb.

Stratton's jumps didn't have good speed either.