Guacamole Sundayze Episode 1

by 4bi9
Feb 2012 - 14.5K views

Welcome to the new season of Guacamole Sundayze. Sorry for the long delay- our staff team is now fully committed to smashing avocados for the rest of the season. In this first episode watch Tom Wallisch and Ian Cosco prepare for the big time events- xtreme games, sochi, and the mounted dude tours. Check back soon for a nicky meat boy keefer avocado special...

4bi9 House - Episode 2

by 4bi9
Mar 2012 - 80.6K views

You saw what we do during the day, now check out what goes on at night. In the second episode of 4bi9 House, we go night skiing at Park City and party following Wallisch's Dew Tour win.

Guacamole Sundayze Episode 6

by 4bi9
Mar 2012 - 81.5K views

Welcome to our first trick tip video of the season, Guacamole Sundayze 6. In this episode, watch professional skier Tom Wallisch teach us the easy three-step-process on how to do the most important trick in skiing, the future spin. Watch and learn.

Guacamole Sundayze 7

by 4bi9
Apr 2012 - 16.4K views

In this throwback episode, check out Steve Stepp and LJ Strenio's segment from Guacamole Eyeballs. Steve forgets his ski boots, LJ has glass in his socks, and Bryan is being strange as usual.

Dale Nike Chosen

by 4bi9
Apr 2012 - 13.3K views

If you haven't seen it yet, peep Dale's winning edit for the Nike Chosen Contest and make sure to check back soon for a new edit from Keystone.

Dale Talkington Nike Chosen

by 4bi9
May 2012 - 16.6K views

Dale Talkington and Andrew Napier traveled to Keystone, Colorado at the end of April to produce their final edit for The Nike Chosen Contest. Dale?s footage was filmed in just 1.5 days due to an ankle injury early in the shoot. Additional skiing by Jossi Wells, Andreas Hatveit, Beau James Wells, and Willie Borm. Special thanks to Nike Ski and Keystone Resort.

BMOS- Reed Lewis Summer Edit

by 4bi9
Oct 2012 - 18.8K views

The world is not ready for Black Man On Skis. Filmed by Team Ellingson, Jake Strassman, Alexandra Erickson, Tyler Malay, Ian Macy, Ian Post, Sammy Carlson, and Andrew Napier. BMOS is taking over and will rise to the top.

Keep Looking-Official Teaser & Movie Purchase

by 4bi9
Feb 2013 - 1.2K views

Purchase now at: Roughly six years ago, a group of unknown skiers and friends followed their dreams of moving out west in the hopes that the endless snowfall, massive mountains, and unending skiing opportunities of their dreams would become a way of life. That first winter they produced their inaugural film, 'Look it Up', a declaration of a new generation of freestyle skiers fostering a movement of creativity and style beyond the stagnant and oftentimes robotic nature of the contest environment- a glimpse of skiing?s future and the foundation of the 4bi9 legacy. While the past has been an unforgettable journey, the future holds even bigger things for the 4bi9 crew. Thus, it is at this time that we are proud to present our sixth feature-length film, 'Keep Looking'. Presented by Saga Outerwear; In Association with: On3p Skis, Monster Energy, Scott USA, Phil Park, Tall-T Productions, The Mountain

Will Berman Summer 2013- Hood Relapse

by 4bi9
Oct 2013 - 8.8K views

Will got sucked into the abyss known as Mt. Hood or Windells for his 3rd summer in a row, this is what happened.... Filmed by Jake Strassman & the rest of the Windells Film crew. Edited by Tom Arnell Also a shout out to Treefort Lifestyles & Dakine

Burn - Official Trailer

by 4bi9
Sep 2014 - 3.6K views

Presented by Saga Outerwear. In association with K2 Skis, The North Face, Monster Energy, Nordica Skis, Buff Headwear, Tall-T Productions, and Imag3. Coming October to DVD and iTunes

The North Face: Burn- Chris Laker and Lucas Wachs Segments

by 4bi9
Nov 2014 - 7.1K views

This past winter, 4bi9 Media linked up with TNF athletes Chris Laker and Lucas Wachs to shoot for their latest film 'Burn'. Both riders were able to put together heavy segments. Music: "Scream For Me" Elbe Kim and Justo, "Banks of Pahsimeroi" Old Death Whisper, "Dead Outlaw" Old Death Whisper.

4bi9 Avocado Estates: Preseason Rails

by 4bi9
Nov 2014 - 9.9K views

Our first day filming up in the new private 4bi9 park. Joss Christensen and crew give a tour of Avocado Alley, our main run. Check back for more progress on the park as the year progresses.

Piece of Mind// EP 1// Brady Perron

by 4bi9
Nov 2014 - 2.8K views

Check out the first episode of 4bi9's new video series with Epic TV, 'Piece of Mind'. 'Piece of Mind' provides a select group of 4bi9 athletes with an open platform to discuss one aspect of skiing that is important to them. In the first episode, Brady Perron chose to guide us to one of his favorite backcountry spots. Enjoy

4bi9// Piece of Mind// EP 2// Lyman Currier

by 4bi9
Nov 2014 - 5.1K views

This is one of the craziest stories 4bi9 Media has ever documented. Skiing with a broken tailbone and separated ribs, Lyman Currier qualifies for the 2014 Olympics and proves he's one of the toughest skiers in the game.

4bi9 Media X Glidecam Industries// 2014 Reel

by 4bi9
Dec 2014 - 1.4K views

A short piece we put together for Glidecam Industries, Inc. throughout the 2014 season, highlighting some of their incredible products in use. We strongly recommend Glidecam stabilization devices for any aspiring or professional cinematographers.

4bi9 Grimbus Edit

by 4bi9
Mar 2015 - 10.7K views

Filmed and edited by the homies. John Ware, DT, Moxy, Jake Doan, and John Kutcher throwing down some straight fire.