7 springs pow pow

by skithesprings
Jan 2008 - 8.4K views

My brother and i went up to the mountain after hearing that we got 15 inches of fresh. it turned out to be quite a bit more. to put things in perspective, the slope in the vid was bare grass the day before. i ski the first run and he skis second. his is a little blurry but he still managed to act like a 4 year old in the snow.

Hucks and Hills

by skithesprings
Aug 2010 - 3.7K views

Some cliff jumping, some longboarding, a copperhead for james, plenty of fun.

and keep in mind the second song is as much of a joke as it is epic!

The Cool Kids Ep1

by skithesprings
Jan 2012 - 1.8K views

Live from the heart of PA, Mike Urich, Pat Shepherd, and Erik Taylor make the most of minimal snow, and maximum shenanigans. Thanks to Klint, Underarmour, Tussey Mt Terrain Parks, Backcountry, Da Harris Haus, and Dewey Amos.