Nutsack moment

by Mackaroni_space
Apr 2021 - 550 views

Gave this rail like 20 tries, this was my last and best try. There wasn’t any way to get on other than to kinda zoot your way on top of it so yeah I’m not coming back to this rail for a while

Dank Tokyo drift

by Mackaroni_space
Apr 2021 - 788 views

This took me all day to get down and I didn’t even think I’d make it over the tip but I did, I got too caught up in the moment and forgot to add a front 2 but I’d say it still goes

20/21 szn mix

by Mackaroni_space
Jun 2021 - 642 views

You probably expect me to say “One hell of a szn!” or some shit but no, the video speaks for itself.

Fellas featured: Olé Haugen, Zach Mullen, the snowboard kid, Jordan Lakomy, Patrick Sherowski and Cole Cashman.

Old video from last may

by Mackaroni_space
Jul 2021 - 136 views

Never got around to posting this video of 3 people, all staying in the woods together, all separate ages.
Jordan: in college
Me: just finished highschool
Cole: annoying stereotypical highschool freshman (he is annoying, yet we love him)