by Clown*School
Feb 2009 - 13.6K views

Kevin moved to maui. Riders: Ian Compton, Jack Borland, Vinny Mauro, Scott Cardoza, Matt Pothier, John Kutcher, Collin Collins, Dave Sylvain, John Ware, Rich Fahey, Luke Perin, Ricky Hess and LJ Strenio. Songs: Alpha Beta Gaga (Mark Ronson Remix) - Air and We Go Hard - Jay-z


by Clown*School
Feb 2009 - 17.1K views

Shot in 60/30p, a bunch of clowns slaying PC. Riders: Kyle Sojberg, Vinny Mauro, Scott Cardoza, John Ware, Ryan Wyble, John Kutcher, LJ Strenio, Kyle Lukacs, Dave Euler, Ian Comptor, Zak Cedarholm, Willem Collier
Heartbreaker (feat. John Legend) - MSTRKRFT
Breakaway (feat. Jahmal from The Carps) - MSTRKRFT


by Clown*School
Apr 2009 - 104.6K views

Collection of skiing from april at PC with some clowns. Riders: John Ware, Scott Cardoza, Vinny Mauro, Tim McChesney, LJ Strenio, Matt Hefferman, Jeff Kiesel, John Kutcher, Ryan Wyble, Ricky Hess, Luke Perin, Kyle Sjoberg, Robbie Remmies and Chris Vogt.

One Thing Floats On -Modest Mouse vs. Amerie

Ignorant Nigga (Feat. Yung Berg & Freekey Zekey) - Shiest Bubz


by Clown*School
May 2009 - 10.8K views

Clowns take a trip to mammoth! Riders: LJ Strenio, Ian Compton, Matt Pothier, Dave Sylvain, Tom Wallisch, Henrik Harlaut, Luke Perin, Tim McChesney, Vinny Mauro, Brett McChesney, Ryan Wyble, Sean K, John Ware, Nicky Keefer, Giray Dhadali, Kyle Lukas, Sean Jordan --Songs: Trash the Rental [Crystal Castles vs Sohodolls] - Crystal Castles .... Victor Menegaux - Going Back To Dani--


by Clown*School
Jul 2009 - 14.1K views

Clowns go skiing on some dirt at hood! Skiers: Tim McChesney, Luke Perin, Nicky Keefer, John Kuther, John Ware, LJ Strenio, Ryan Wyble, Jeff Kiesel, Collin Collins, Chris Vogt and Matt Pothier
SONGS: Move - Cunninlynguists and Tribute to Ms. Lonely - Milk Man


by Clown*School
Aug 2009 - 6.3K views

Some clowns ski at the jibyard in odgen UT with some friends from 4bi9 and some local homies. Riders: Dave Sylvain, Taylor Hackett, Chris Vogt, Scott Cardoza, Vinny Mauro, Tim McChesney, Matt Pothier, Tim West, Dave Euler, Paul Braunstein, Andy Parry, John Kutcher, Zak Cedarholm, Eric Gambles and Thomas Hues. SONG: Smile - Slim Thug (Instrumental)


by Clown*School
Nov 2009 - 10.6K views

A fun skate edit with friends! RIP FX1 Featuring: Kelly Shaheen, Scott Cardoza, Steve Stepp, Sleepy Dave, Tim McChesney, John Kutcher, and the second Kevin.
Music: "Beat Control" by Tilly and the Wall

Vizor Beanie

by Clown*School
May 2010 - 6.9K views

A short edit of our spring break trip to the west coast and some mini park shred at Mammoth and June. Song: "Build Voice" by Dan Deacon.


by Clown*School
May 2010 - 14.9K views

The final edit of the season and in no better place, mammoth! Enjoy the clowns slaying around mammoth. Featuring the talents of Luke Perin, Tim McChensey, Andrew Holson, Dave Sylvian, Tim Zilla, Nicky Keefer, John Ware, Robbie Remmes, Andy Partrige and Matt Heffernan