Whut?! thee edit part 2

by b-dog
Dec 2009 - 7.2K views

Gillin in les diablerets switzerland with the crew.
Best way to watch it is to download it from the vimeo page then it's way better quality and it's in 16:9 instead of 4:3


by b-dog
Jan 2011 - 5.4K views

''Keyzoning'' is the product of 2 days of skiing in Keystone in which I concentrated on runs, matching tranny's and making it flow as best as I could.
check out keystone- freestyle run as well


by b-dog
Oct 2011 - 3.6K views

PEACE WORLD. Ya'll about to witness the first ever B&E movie, BLACKOUT ! This is a gathering of the 3 episodes we have produced this season + some unseen shit? Blackout is first and for most an Hip Hop album from Redman and Method Man. So this movie is based upon this album using the personas of the mc's as our alter ego's. Redman has being b-dog and method man, edollo. This movie is edited upon flow & lyrics? MC's on Skis. This movie has been made for the most part by Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon along side with 2 segments provided by our man b-paowlin aka Paul Bergeron, and our filmier and friend, Prince Roakim aka Joakim Aslund. Brought to you a part by the B&E squad and Inspired media concepts. Enjoy. INSPIRED ! PEACE !

B&E show- Zermattik

by b-dog
Nov 2019 - 5.5K views

The B&E unites again in Zermatt for a collective start to the 19-20 skiing season. Joined by style ninjas, Noah Albaladejo, Isaac Simhon and Valentin Morel, ...

snow seed | Phil Casabon

by b-dog
Feb 2022 - 4.3K views

Phil channels the inner resting virtue of gardening to cultivate his imagination and whet one’s appetite for clip harvesting season.

Filmed by Raph Sevigny
Additional filming by Jeremy Goldie
Edited by Brady Perron
Directed by Brady Perron & Phil Casabon

B-Dog's "The Lost Crystal" [TRAILER]

by b-dog
Mar 2022 - 2.3K views

'When the rebellious ski ninja, B-dog, is unexpectedly chosen to become Snow Samurai of the wintry planet Yabah, he must battle Ski Lord Zukaro to strike down the forthcoming global drought...

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Directed by Phil Casabon and Jay Nadeau
Art direction and Production design by Francis Boucher
Animated by Jay Nadeau
Edited by Phil Casabon
Original Music by Jesse P
Voice Acting by Colby West