April 1st Pyramid

by Degnan
Apr 2016 - 10.9K views

A few raw shots from one of the best days I've ever had in the mountains . . And that last shot...He's naked...Austin Bourret is a crazy person

The Big Picture - Move 1

by chrislogan
Mar 2016 - 11.1K views

Rossignol presents The Big Picture. The first of our two part mini movie series Move. Move 1 follows the skiing of Chris Logan, Parker White and friends. Shot over the first half of the 2015/16 season the crew heads out in search for powder and pillows. Thanks to our supporting sponsors Electric, Tomahawk International, Tall T Productions, Bomb Snow Magazine, Cheetah Factory Racing, Cooke Knives. Skiers: Chris Logan, Parker White, Duncan Adams, Tanner Rainville, Adam Delorme and Jordan Clarke. Shot/Edited: Sean Logan Location: Mammoth CA + Cooke City MT + Interior British Columbia Music: "Anna" by Will Butler + "Word" by Goat + "Go" by Pleasure Beach

The Big Picture - Mtn Revised

by chrislogan
Oct 2015 - 9.8K views

Rossignol presents The Big Picture - The final episode of Chris Logan and Parker White's Mtn Revision series for 2015. Thanks to our supporting sponsors Electric, Orage, Tomahawk International, Tall T Productions, Bomb Snow Magazine, Cheetah Factory Racing, Cooke Knives.

Birds been rippin lately

by cliffs_n_spliffs
Feb 2016 - 14.1K views

The last few weeks at snowbird have been pretty god damn fun! Everyones been all hyped up! Keep the snow comin! Send it for Heffy! Thanks to Amplid and all the boys for getting shots on their phones insta: @jonniemerrill


Nov 28th - 13.4K views

The countryside of Sweden isn't exactly the place that comes to your mind when you think of skiing, but what could you come up with if you had to put a limit to the area you had to work with? Kim Boberg and Oliver Karlberg set out to film a movie in a place called Alvdalen, to use what you got instead of seeing whats not there. This movie was filmed within the area of a maximum range of 1-hour drive away from Alvdalen. Shot on location: Alvdalen Klappen Ski resort Skiing by: Kim Boberg Oliver Karlberg Hugo Burwall Freddie Grann Phil Casabon Yohei Maruyama Filmed and edited by: Fredrik Larsson Additional editing: Bjorn Eklund Additional filming by: Bjorn Eklund Emil Grano Tobias Johansson Jacob Wester Cover: Petter Johansson

The Pray for Snow Radio Show

by hoodcrew
Oct 27th - 9.3K views

An uplifting DJ mix to play in your headphones as you stand at the top of an escalator, holding your skis, wondering when the snowflakes are going to start falling from the sky. Full mix here:

TRIUMPH a Tanner Hall Film

Nov 9th - 21.2K views

Armada Skis presents "Triumph" a film by Tanner Hall and Corey Stanton. Follow Tanner as he returns to top form in his 2017-18 season, while he discusses all of the struggles and triumphs that brought him to where he is now.

A Story Inspired By...

by Ahmets_Brother
Jan 2017 - 12.8K views

Part 1 - Todays world of action sports and kickstarters require that every thing we do be motivated by this powerful message of chasing a dream, making the world a better place, or seeking the grandest adventure. As I look into what motivates my skiing, i can't help but realize i do it for no reason greater than manning up. To Push yourself and huck your meat and see how far you can go. It's a story that has been inspired by My Ballsack. This is all footage from my 2015/2016 season, filmed by Jacob Callaghan, Ahmet Dadali, Mike Meza, and Tim Jones. Music By Griz - The Anthem

It's Always Sunny at Alta MOVIE

Dec 2014 - 47.9K views

Made this little movie while recovering from meniscus surgery. My younger brother, Ryan Vitale, kicks off the movie with his season edit from last year...then the movie begins. Hope you guys enjoy. Cheers to everyone who was a part of this @pfoulger, @ryan_vitale, @colibuds, @kinniski, @james_jensen16, @swaggermager, @sanderhadley, @patsuwak, & @huntcorn.

Sammy Carlsons Backcountry to Park Segment in Re:Session Blast From The Past Season 2 Episode 1

by TetonGravity
Sep 2013 - 7.5K views

In this episode of Teton Gravity Research's web series Blast From The Past, we take a look at Sammy Carlson's badass segment from Re:Session. Sammy rips up everything in his path from the backcountry of Montana to the park at Stevens Pass. Want more TGR? Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube:

Lucas Wachs "Out of the Fog"

by LWachs
Feb 2016 - 3K views

When faced with an almost non existent west coast winter Lib Tech Ski Ripper Lucas Wachs didn't wait around for perfect conditions. He went out everyday he could, fog, rain, shine, crust or pow. Whether it was solo with a GoPro on his head, a white out blizzard on an early season kicker or sending big to micro transitions at Mt. Bachelor. Lucas skied it all with the natural ease and power that will soon be known as the hallmark of his style. Let Lucas' stack of clips get you motivated to get in the air, try a new a trick, have fun with your homies and most of all to leave your excuses at home! Music by: Brett Neston Filmed by: Pete Alport, Jasper Newton, Lucas Wachs, Sean Lucey Lib Tech Skis are handcrafted in the USA at Mervin Mfg the worlds most environMENTAL board factory proudly zero hazardous waste for 11,832 days and counting!

Digital Style | Japan

by mitchellbrower
Nov 10th - 6.3K views

We are proud to present 'Digital Style - Japan', featuring Mitchell Brower, Nicky Keefer, Jonah Williams, and Lucas Wachs. It was an amazing trip filled with culture, deep pow, face shots, and ramen.