Some Leftovers.

by AnteO
Nov 2010 - 3.8K views

Got some late night inspiration to put together a few leftover shots from last winter that hadn't been used for anything.

Riding by - Niklas Eriksson, Emil Granöö, Victor Salén, Henrik Harlaut, Jens Bergqvist, Blayze Bramwell, Joel Andersson, Matt Walker, Russ Henshaw, Sig Tveit, Jacob Wester, Simon Dumont.

Thanks to Landis.

WHILE WE CAN - Official Trailer

by AnteO
Jan 2012 - 1.2K views

We don't do what we do to inspire others, it's just something we have to do to reach our own goals in life. But becoming good at something we could only dream of being good at and getting the chance to influence those who share our ideas and values about skiing and life is something that we are really grateful for.


by AnteO
Aug 2015 - 3.6K views

A short film featuring Kim Boberg.

Filming and Editing by Andreas Olofsson.

Filmed in January, 2014.


by AnteO
Oct 2015 - 9.9K views

Filmed during the 2015 Kimbo Sessions in Kläppen, Sweden.

Featuring silky moves from Kim Boberg, Jens Nilsson, Leo Björklund and Matt Walker.

Filmed and Edited by Andreas Olofsson.

Soundtrack - 'Dead Calm' Performed by Peebs the Prophet. Don't Sleep Records.

Special thanks to - Magnus Noppa, Ashley Lawrence, Fredrik Plantin, Jesper Tengvall,
Kristoffer Olsson, Jacob Karlsson, Anna Fischer, Bror Ax.

FOUND #004 - Kim Boberg - Alley-oop Lipslide

by AnteO
Oct 2015 - 797 views

FOUND #004 - Kim Boberg, Sweden, December 2012.
'FOUND' is a series of shots that for various reasons ended up not being used in other projects. And therefor been lost among other footage on harddrives. It could be single tricks, or sessions/spots.

NOT CONSTANT - starring Lucas Stal Madison

by AnteO
Jan 2016 - 3.7K views

Imaginary Trace presents a portrait of Lucas Stal Madison.

In association with Atomic and Electric.

It might be so, that mostly everything around us are non constants, possibly everchanging.
Our minds are tricked into a mental state, creating a model regarding a person,
location or subject before it have had a chance to affect that thought.
A lot of times, the pre-experience model is kept as a reference point no matter if it's true or not.

Have the courage to doubt your own thoughts, and let yourself be affected.
Because it might be so,
that skiing isn't what you've always thought it should be.

Filmed and Edited by Andreas Olofsson

Additional filming by The Bunch, Liam McKinley, Josh Berman, Nick Meilleur,
Gustav Cavallin, Tobias Johansson, Nils Gunnarson, Sig Tveit.

Photography by Alric Ljunghager.

Kimbo Sessions 2016

by AnteO
Mar 2017 - 5.4K views

Presented by Monster Energy.

Supported by Kläppen, Oakley, Xtravel and Armada.

Thanks to: Kristoffer Olsson, Fredrik Plantin, Magnus Noppa,
Eric Assmusen, Ashley Lawrence, Jesper Tengvall,
Macainiax (Daniel Nordin, Martin Nordin, Mattias Loven),
Tom Suesskoch, Malin Humble, Jennie Hallestam,
And most of all - Everyone that came out to enjoy the Mayhem!

KIMBO SESSIONS 2019 - Official Recap

by AnteO
Jun 2020 - 4.3K views


Produced by Kim Boberg

Principal filming by Andreas Olofsson, Fredrik Angelsen

Additonal filming by Freedle Coty, Björn Eklund, Emil Granöö, Peter Brown, Spencer Milbocker.