Tanner Olson *Ski In Peace* 1997-2011

by JAHrig
Jul 2011 - 24.8K views

Tanner left us at the very young age of 14, but will always be remembered for having more ambition, and passion then any rider out there. We love you Tanner, you and your family will always be with us in our hearts.

Thanks to Toy Soldier Productions, Curtis Bietz, and Chris Thueson for sending me their footage of Tanner from this year.

Also thanks to Thomas Vincent for helping with the editing process.

Ski In Peace Tanner

Mid-Air Collision

by MackJones
Aug 2011 - 7.8K views

Mike Ness and Ben Cator (PlentySoul) get a little too friendly while filming some follow cam action on Blackcomb back in 2009. Just found this on my computer, and felt it needed to shared. Enjoy!

Dub Back 1st and 3rd Hit

by myllucas
Aug 2011 - 4.9K views

Dub Tuck to Lay, and Dub lay. April 24th, built and hit the jump in a day. Went about 80 feet all day. And props to Cam Kaegi on being the guinea and sending a flat 7 100 feet that day.

Hood Mentality

by family_vacation
Jul 2011 - 5.9K views

Everyone really missed snow, so a trip to Timberline was in order. We filmed for three days, here is what we got.

Peter Killory,
Ryan Killory,
Erik Stai,
Jamie Baril,
Alex De Rocco,
Jake Rouches,
Ed Clem

Self Made (10-11)

by Wrkn4ThaWeekend
Aug 2011 - 6.7K views

A self edit of my 2010-2011 ski season. Shot mainly in Michigan and Colorado. See more in Mitten Media's "One Glove" film dropping this fall.
Big thanks to K2 Skis, Smith, Dakine and First Drop.

The Ordinary Skier Trailer

by Trailers
Feb 2011 - 10.8K views

For Seth Morrison, skiing is much more than a sport or job, it’s a way of life. It’s not a privilege he was born with; it’s a passion he discovered on his own. Through hard work and dedication, Morrison has become one of the best skiers in the world. The Ordinary Skier traces his journey from the middle class suburbs of Chicago to the Colorado Rockies and into the underground ski-bum subculture that would eventually become Freeskiing. This is the story of how a collection of misfits turned an elite sport upside down, and how an ordinary kid chased his dream and became one of skiing’s most iconic heroes.


by Clown*School
Apr 2009 - 102.8K views

Collection of skiing from april at PC with some clowns. Riders: John Ware, Scott Cardoza, Vinny Mauro, Tim McChesney, LJ Strenio, Matt Hefferman, Jeff Kiesel, John Kutcher, Ryan Wyble, Ricky Hess, Luke Perin, Kyle Sjoberg, Robbie Remmies and Chris Vogt.

One Thing Floats On -Modest Mouse vs. Amerie

Ignorant Nigga (Feat. Yung Berg & Freekey Zekey) - Shiest Bubz

Shine Blockas: ILLEST EDIT

by hoodcrew
Apr 2010 - 7.3K views

Scott Illest Edit Contest Entry..featuring the skiing/ riding of Michael Briggs, Joey Vandermeer, Danny Schwartz, Johnny Niedermeyer, Alex Kollar, Andrew Nagel, Max Warbington, Lucas Wachs, Garrett Rowley, Scott Rowley, Elliott Preston, Brett Huber, Kevin Lund, Hudson Knoll, Jason Broward, Guz Reister, Mychal Foerster, and Collin Wright

The Camp of Champions - "Skiing Camp B 2010"

by CampofChampions
Jul 2010 - 17.5K views

Camp Of Champions Ski Camp B 2010 Recap

Featuring - Bobby Brown, Banks Gilberti, Kolby Ward, Erik Mehus, Bene Mayr, Paddy Graham, Finn Anderson, Joe Schuster, Sean Pettit, Max Hill, Chris Logan, Will Berman.

Songs: (We Are) Champions by Cool Kids x Hey Champ, Track 22 by Angus Lee, Synchronize by Solid Gold

Filmed by Charlie Grinnell, Andy Hahn, Tyler Adams and Julian Marshall

The Camp of Champions in Whistler, BC, home to the largest private summer terrain park on earth. Top pro riders call it one of the top three parks in the world… Winter or Summer! Get coached by some of the biggest names in Snowboarding in a fun, relaxed atmosphere that provides a season worth of progression in just one week. To learn more, hit up You’ll have the best week of your life.

EPOV Part 2 - Skiing Style & Technology

by Line_Skis
Apr 2011 - 3.6K views

Last spring we climbed a mountain, sat legendary skier Eric Pollard on a rock and pointed a camera at him and said go. See into the mind of a skier who has revolutionized the equipment we use as well as the way we watch ski videos. Listen in on Eric Pollard's point-of-view.

Part 2 - Skiing Style & Technology - EP talks about how far skiing has come from long, straight skis that plow through powder to the smooth fluid motions of backcountry freestyle skiing of today.

Part 1 - Nimbus Independent - Eric explains his reasoning for straying from the norm of a professional skier's filming habits and they ways it's been presented.