by headbudcrew
Jul 2011 - 1.4K views

Monster Energy presents a film by Headbud Productions and the Pickings Fam - WHATEVER!?
Featuring austria's most talented skiers, showing their skills on big bc booters and scary urban features.
Directed and produced by Fabi Hyden
Edited by Fabi Hyden
Cinematography by Fabi Hyden, Markus Studer, Reinhard Gruber
Featuring the talents of Luggi Brucic, Fabio Studer, Tobi Tritscher, Toni Höllwart, Christoph Söllner, Dani Maurer, Achim Winter, Tobi Gratz and some more!
Also Supported by adidas eyewear, rip curl, fiat professional, FAS.C, BD, early riot store and!
Movie dropping fall 2011!
Watch out!