Longboarding old 40

by jibberkid69
Aug 2010 - 1.9K views

A great morning listening to the Beatles and feeling gravity! Probably a little long and a little shaky for an internet video. But to go from the top of the mountain to the lake below you in such a little time...well that's fun for anyone. Get out there and enjoy life!

One day in Tahoe

by jibberkid69
Jun 2011 - 666 views

I just got back from five of the best months of my life in Alaska working for Points North Helicopters. But no matter where I am in the world, it seems I'm always dreaming of home. Towards the end of my season in AK I was truly desperate for some summer sun, and coming back to Tahoe I was greeted with radiant temps, clear skies, and even a bunch of snow on the ground!

Myself, Bennett Carlson, Ryan Fitzhenry, Gavin Lura, and his buddy Mike did our best to take advantage of all the beauty and get out into it. Stoked!