Super phillips bros.

by Moses
Nov 2006 - 4.9K views

I posted this video in the forums a few months ago, but so what. The acting in the into is bad and skiing is not all that great, but maybe some will be entertained.

Bp ski-stravaganza

by Moses
Nov 2007 - 2.8K views

Yessum it’s a repost from not to long ago, but I decided to start using you tube, so I figured why not post the link. No one reads these comment anyway, why am I writing this.

Bp sponsor me: I need some t-shirts

by Moses
May 2008 - 3.6K views

Will never be a Tanner Fall or a Poon Olsson, but that won’t stop me from shreddin’ the white wave. Any companies that have a few shits or stickers (or if you are generous, a sweatshirt) send em’ my way. Upon acquisition of said items I would gladly be your company's bitch and talk up about you to all the kiddies I buy smokes for. Peace out broseph.

Chad's Gap Gelande

by Moses
Oct 2010 - 4.2K views

***really terrible quality cell phone video***

Sunday, 5/16/2010
7:00 pm
Josh Hanson tests out the 190 WuBangers with a gelande style straight air over Chad's