P^3 Down Under

by P.Cubed
Sep 18th - 4.4K views

Shitty editing from Dickered, but straight GAS from all the boys The boys include: Zane Severson Henry Robarge Dicky Thomas AK Koford Jack Lham Filming: Ryan Wyble, Matt Goodson

xxx.MFC Training

by MFC-Kenji
Sep 17th - 793 views

The MFC crew holding it down undaaaaaa post the Remarkables 4* FWQ with a few routine training exercises. Featuring: Jackson Bathgate Cooper Bathgate Hank Bilious Craig Murray Jamesa Hampton Blake Marshall Kenji Boekholt Hugo Scharl Sebastian Varlet and many more..

JWI 2018 Recap

by eheath
Sep 17th - 6.6K views

Jossi Wells Invitational Recap featuring Henrik Harlaut, James Woods, Noah Morrison, Jossi Wells, Jackson Wells, Beau-James Wells and more. Footage provided by Danny Warley: @dannywarley Shot at Cardrona Alpine Resort: @cardronaparksnz

Mediocre Ski Club Vol. 3 'The Prequel'

by DaneKirk
Sep 10th - 197 views

Mediocre Ski Club welcomes many new members in its Southern Hemisphere debut @ Cardrona Skiing - Miguel Porteous, Felix Klein, Dane Kirk, Nico Porteous, Finn Bilous, Howard Smith, Alec Savery, Dave Ortlieb, Danny Warley

Kendall Goodman - Hot Riding

by k3ndall.g
Aug 30th - 515 views

A compilation of my shots from the #HotRiders 2018 season. Much love to all the homies who made this year a banger, and special thanks to my coach Nick Greener. Filmed on location in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Austria. As always, big thanks to K2 skis, Kuhl, LeBent, Panda Poles, and Oakley for making this season possible. Thanks for watching!

Spin Day at Treble Cone

by ibex
Aug 23rd - 1.1K views

Hot laps with the bros at Treble Cone, New Zealand! Everything is ON up there right now! There were left 3’s, right 3’s, loose 3’s and tight 3’s. Plus a couple flips and some spicy ski ballet for good measure! Flim/edit Louis Charnaud

Spice Merchant

by ibex
Aug 5th - 7.8K views

Recently, Treble Cone NZ has been a total �pepper� farm, with spicy lines ripe for the picking!! #SpiceMerchant #ChilliUpHere #sportyspice

Echidna rescued on the slopes of Thredbo, Australia

by Mountainwatch
Jul 24th - 72 views

The echidna, sometimes known as the spiny anteater – Australia’s answer to the porcupine – is about as curious as the snow that falls upon our great southern land. It belongs to the monotreme order of egg-laying mammals along with the platypus (let’s not get started on that thing though). While Australia might not offer the most abundant powder – although it’s been going off of late – it sure has a lot to offer by way of exciting animal encounters. Filmed here is the rescue/relocation of said echidna as it attempted to traverse across the piste of one of Australia’s best-known ski resorts – Thredbo. “Hectic’s” and “Rad’s” abound… Video courtesy of Check out the snow forecast for Down Under -

Move on Up

by 860media*
Jun 22nd - 1.2K views

Fresh off our trip from Mount Hood, the boiz headed back to home turf for Carinthia's annual Peace Pipe jam. With more than average snowfall this season they had a ton of snow leftover and plenty of rails to jump around on. Check out the action and keep those eyes peeled for more content coming your way!

REBOUND // Charlie Beatty

by JSpeers
Apr 2018 - 809 views

After tearing his ACL in 2016, 10 year old Charlie Beatty is back and feeling better than ever. Thanks to Muskoka Woods, RipCurl Canada, Line Skis, Full Tilt, Spy Optics and Horseshoe Valley Resort for supporting Charlie. Produced by Joey Speers