Flat Light Flipping

by louis.charnaud
Nov 23rd - 169 views

Regardless of how rubbish the visibility is you can still have fun and go ski (its just really hard) . Enjoy! Location - TrebleCone (Chutes) Skiers - Karl Fostvedt / Manu Barnard / Seb Varlet / Carl Renvall / Konsti Ottner / Fraser Mcdougall / Sam Allen

Mute Grab Compilation

by theslvsh
Nov 21st - 541 views

Who's got the dopest mute? Featuring Slapp users: 0:00 Vilmer Ivarsson 0:03 Siver Voll 0:06 Alex Bellemare 0:11 Joss Christensen 0:16 Matt Walker 0:19 Jonas Aas 0:22 Mark Hendrickson 0:26 Cody Wilder Ray 0:30 Quinn Wolferman 0:36 Mark Nowakiwsky 0:42 Emil Granbom 0:47 Dean Bercovitch 0:51 Henning Hansen Pytte

2017 Rab

by Spitfyre94
Nov 20th - 299 views

Preseason is here. The boys and I are STOKED!!! Throughin down at Rabbit Hill but most importantly crushing beers. And holy fuck do we love KFED'S!! Drinkers: @bryaansmith244, @smithy_j, @jhoo58, @corbinblack


by DaneK
Nov 12th - 980 views

Video of Dane Kirk and Miguel Porteous from this winter. Film/Edit : Tom Christie Additional Filming: Cam Henderson, Marcus Skin

Patty Dew NZ Edit

by Nicholas.Suchy
Nov 8th - 1.1K views

Pat went down to NZ for 6 weeks and came back with some clips. Did my best to put them all together for your viewing pleasure Thanks to Skevik, Smith, Silverstar, Lange, and Solo Bar for the support! Enjoy

Snapchat/POV Reel - Winter '17

by benhume.
Nov 5th - 343 views

I decided to throw together a little edit of my season to pass the time. Shoutout to, License to Chill, SnoWorld Sports, MFC Syndicate and all the homies for making this winter one for the books! All of the skiing footage is from the 2017 NZ winter and was plucked straight from my phone camera roll. Movie : Napoleon Dynamite Song: Canned Heat - Jamiro...

Late - 2017

by MFC-Kenji
Oct 29th - 646 views

Late is a project that just came about between myself and Alex Bowater. Our objective, to explore the North Peak basins and to see what was possible on Mount Hutt and see what we could make of the "OG" spots on offer.. There's no place like home.

MFC x King Of The Mountain II

by MFC-Kenji
Oct 26th - 291 views

It's back! For the second year running the MFC Syndicate return to Mount Olympus, with more beers, more boys, more wine, more doobies and more carnage. Check out last years here:

Sam Lee - Treble Cone 2017

by louis.charnaud
Oct 17th - 347 views

A brief video of Sam Lee skiing at Treble Cone this winter just passed. TC has to be one of the best training grounds in the world as the snow is always unpredictable some could say it is "variable". Film & Edit Louis Charnaud Enjoy !

Freshman Boy 17'

by sharpski
Oct 9th - 1.7K views

First year of college BABY! Thanks to all the people I met along the way and the homies that filmed, ready to turn it up a notch and go 10x harder next year Skier: Carson Sharp