Powder days at Treble Cone NZ

by jacland1
Sep 2016 - 1.3K views

Nothing special but a little bit of GoPro from the other side of the World. Four days of skiing at Treble Cone (one clip actually from Craigieburn the week after). The snow just kept coming and ended with probably the best four NZ had to offer this season.

Frontier FWQ 4* New Zealand - 1st place POV

by ibex
Sep 2016 - 6.2K views

This is my winning run from The North Face Frontier FWQ 4* freeride comp in New Zealand in August 2016. This year was the first time the comp has run as a four star rated event, so people were throwing down some pretty cool stuff!
I actually changed my plan half way through the run as the cliff I was planning to hit scared the shit out of me as I got closer to it, so I went to plan B for the bottom section.
It was a great day and I am stoked to see such a highly rated event run in NZ!


by williamkalfoss
Sep 2016 - 1.1K views

5 weeks in Australia with Peder Vilhelm, Siver Voll & William Kalfoss
Thanks to: All Day Threads / Max Lennox & James Lennox

Spring Lap At Treble Cone

by louis.charnaud
Sep 2016 - 1.8K views

A short Iphone edit of Sam Allen messing about on easy rider going top to bottom... The snow is heaps slushy now and landings are sketchy. so we stayed close to the ground and kept it mellow


by E__
Sep 2016 - 8.4K views

Couldn't find housing in Whistler so I bought a trailer and Zac and I lived out of it for 6 months. We filmed some of the fun. Dedicated to Pili for always being there.


by Muggatu
Sep 2016 - 1.5K views

cheers to everyone that helped me out especially the Waddell's and Dirtman!
many thank yous to tom christie for putting this all together and being a camera guru

Kyle Dougherty Australia

by kyledougherty11
Sep 2016 - 4.3K views

Spent a couple weeks down under at perisher this summer. Here are some of the videos i got. Big Thanks to Line Skis, Full Tilt Boots, Gates and Boards and Landmark Global. I hope you enjoy

Remarks'16//Joss Baldwin

by JibbaTheHutt
Sep 2016 - 518 views

I've had a pretty rad season here in Queenstown, Nz despite the lack of snow early on in the season. shout out to the park crew at remarksparks for keeping the park fresh through the season, everybody that jumped behind the camera and all the Browns crew, see you next year!


by louis.charnaud
Oct 2016 - 3K views

highlights from the 2016 season in NZ. Enjoy! This has easily been the best season I have had yet in NZ and have met some pretty awesome folks!


Louis charnaud
Sam Allen
Konsti Ottner
Hank Bilous
Charles Murray
Xavi Thiebaud

New Zealand, So What?

by ibex
Oct 2016 - 3.3K views

In New Zealand, there is a ski field called Treble Cone, which consistently draws a crowd of mad folk from the four corners of the Earth (Flat Earth theory?) who all froth past the brim on Freeriding and getting a bit silly.
This Started as my season edit, but ended up with a bunch of shots of all the crew havin'a'time on a few of the best TC rat pack days of the season.

The POV footage is all from my head on my Drift helmet cam and the first minute is just me, with Cam Mcdermid ripping some grass in a black suit in a couple of clips.

Song is - 'Spread Your Love', Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


Danny Warley
Kit Clinton-Baker
Louis Charnoud

One Year Later || JTN

by J_Tapper-Norris
Oct 2016 - 2.7K views

I wanted to put together a short edit marking the one year anniversary since I blew my knee. It's been a pretty tough year, but I couldn't have asked for a better return to skiing! A huge thank you to my coaches, physios, family and friends for helping me get back on the horse.
I hope you enjoy!


Colby Stevenson 2016

by C_Stevenson
Nov 2016 - 31K views

Had the wildest season yet! Ended with a bang (not a good one). Thanks to Oakley, K2 Skis, and Monster Energy for making all this possible!
IG: colby_stevenson

Mark Hendrickson | NZ Footy

by MarkHendy
Nov 2016 - 7.1K views

Three weeks of rad skiing in New Zealand busting out the camera whenever we could. Cheers to all the mates for making it such a wicked time.

Fim- Max Moffatt
Additional- Matt Wilcox


Flat 3

by joshwa.p
Nov 2016 - 5.3K views

This is "Flat 3" by on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.