Clandestino Utah

by 123ski
Jan 2008 - 4K views

This is a compilation of footage so far (december 25th 2007 through Janurary 20th 2008). Thom Stringham, Sean Smith, Josh Christensen, Brad Rossiter, and more.

Test 3

by 123ski
Feb 2008 - 2.9K views

Sorry for so many tests, I am trying to get the WSHD upload to work and it won't let me delete them.

World Superpipe Championships - View From The Top

by 123ski
Mar 2008 - 12.7K views

This is the view from the top of the pipe during the World Superpipe Championships. I couldn't record the entire runs, so I pretty much just put first hits. I am sorry, especially to Pete Olenick, for not getting everyones hits. For some reason I missed both of Pete's runs (One of his runs I was taking photos instead, and I got some of him). I hope you like it, I threw it together pretty quick, so sorry for the lousy editing.

The Jibyard Short

by 123ski
Oct 2009 - 5.9K views

Today Sean Smith (Clandestino Films) and I went to The Jibyard in Ogden Utah. This facility is awesome for all of your preseason jibbing needs. The setup right now consists of 4 in-runs with 4 rail/box options. The in-runs are made out of the rollers that you might see on an industrial conveyor belt. Rather than moving products in a warehouse, the rollers hurl skiers towards a rail or box at just the right speed in order to provide terrain park like skiing all year long.

To check out more go to

GoPro Test POWDER Footage

by 123ski
Jan 2010 - 14.4K views


This footage is just from a day at Snowbird UT testing out my new GoPro HD Camera and Chest Mount. I am trying to decide still how much I like the chest mount as compared to the helmet mount. It does allow you to see your skis and the horizon at the same time easier, but also looks weird whenever your arms raise above the level of the camera (dropping a cliff, etc.).

Footage isn't great, mostly because I was testing the camera as well as frame rates. The HD on this camera looks awesome though for sure!

My home network wasn't working when I threw this video together and there were about 10 random songs on my computer, I decided this one was as good as any. If anyone has some cool music that I could throw in an edit sometime let me know, would love some spanish guitar.

More video to come.

P.S. That day at the Bird was awesome! I was testing out the Lib Tech NAS Pow ReCURVE skis. A review will be posted on soon. - February Edit

by 123ski
May 2010 - 9.8K views

I am not sure why, but it was hard to find time to edit this season. I have a bit of footage, so over the next few weeks I will be releasing a few edits of me and my friends skiing in Utah. This entire edit was shot with a GoPro HD Hero camera. They are awesome little camera's, I highly suggest you pick one up for yourself.

It has been a while since I have edited, but I threw this together in one afternoon. It turned out fairly well. After watching the footage from February, I think I might be liking the helmet footage more than the chest mounted camera footage. What do you think?

There is a lot more footage, bigger cliffs, more tricks, and deeper snow to come over the next few weeks, so sit back, grab your favorite drink, and enjoy!

-Constructive feedback is always appreciated

Song: Vampire Weekend vs Mike Snow - The Kids Don't Stand a Chance. presents DECEMBER

by 123ski
Jan 2011 - 4.8K views

I was stoked to be able to ski as much as I did in December. This edit is mostly footage from this last month, with a few shots from late November and early January. I wasn't sure how much I would be able to ski this first year of law school, evidently I am able to ski more than I ever imagined I would be able to. I hope you enjoy this edit, cause I had fun making it.