Tyrolia Bindings AAATTACK 13 GW 2019

Newschoolers' Quick Review:
The Attack 13 is definitely my pick of the lower DIN price point bindings. While I usually ride the Attack 16, I do have one pair of 13s that sometimes end up on park skis for reviews just for the ease of not switching bindings over. As a result I spent almost the whole summer in Zermatt on them and had no issues. There's something about the firmness of click-in that I prefer on the 16s but I actually haven't noticed any difference while skiing them. For reference, I usually ride my dins around 10.

They are simple, solid and light. The main appeal to me is that there isn't much to go wrong with them because they are so simple. There isn't much to manually adjust (unlike STH), they are super easy to get in to in awkward spots (unlike the FKS/Pivot). I prefer the more metal heel of the 16 but the 13s also seem to hold up well, they just develop a little more slop over time.

They do have (potential) downsides however: the brake screws directly in to the ski, which means if you break them, you need to take the heelpiece off. That could get really annoying if you snap a lot of brakes, but I don't. The new Tyrolia brakes (past 2 years I believe) seem to bend pretty easily but not break, and they also bend back happily enough.

The Attack series also need mounting well because the forward pressure is set by moving the heelpiece along a track. That means if you don't mount accurately, it can be impossible to get it perfect, rather than using a wormscrew to adjust post mounting like with many other bindings which gets it spot on every time. On the 13s I did have some slightly surprising releases while doing taps, when my forward pressure was a touch low after mounting for less worn boots than my own, but still less issues than on comparable din-range bindings from other brands in my experience.

For me though, I find them the most user friendly day to day option. It's also a plus that, in Europe at least, they can usually be found cheaper than the competition too. - Twig

Din: 4-13

Boot: Alpine, GripWalk

Weight: 1770g

Colors: Red, Green, Black



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