Armada 116 JJ UL

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Bringing light to new heights, the new Armada ARV JJ UL floats like a butterfly and cuts like a butter knife for a definitive big mountain freestyle experience. The new ski is 25% lighter than the original JJ. With less weight through the tip and tail, the new ARV JJ UL utilizes our light…

  • Sizes: 175, 185, 192
  • Dimensions: 139 / 116 / 135 @ 192

Coalition Snow Abyss

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: She’s not bossy. She’s the F*ckin’ Boss and when you’re struggling through Sierra cement or busting up 2-day-old crud you’re going to want a ski that’s not afraid to push back. Modeled after our best selling and award winning SOS all-mountain women'…

  • Sizes: 173, 180
  • Dimensions: 140 / 118 / 135

Black Crows Anima

2019 Skis

A big mountain ski aligning powder and maneuverability. The anima is a very stable ski and extremely stable at high speed. It will embrace a skier's creativity (big lines, jumps, quick pivot) and keep them on their feet. Characteristics: Eager, Animated, Animalistic

  • Sizes: 176.8, 182.1, 188.4, 194.3
  • Dimensions: 143 / 115 / 128

Armada AR8

2019 Skis

Newschoolers' Quick Review: Armada's last traditional pipe/slopestyle ski, the AR8 is a pretty solid offering with full camber and a fairly stiff tail. I only got to spend a couple of runs on these but they felt almost identical to the Pipe Cleaner of old, potentially they are the same exact ski. They carve great …

  • Sizes: 166, 171, 176, 181
  • Dimensions: 119 / 86 / 109 @ 176

Armada ARV 106

2019 Skis

Newschoolers Quick Review: The ARV 106 has been one of my favorites since it dropped a couple of years back and the new version is even better. When I'm not sure what conditions the trip I'm going on is going to throw at me (and I don't have something else I have to review). Perhaps the old ski was a touch (though t…

  • Sizes: 172, 180, 188
  • Dimensions: 136 / 106 / 126 @ 180

Armada ARV 116 JJ

2019 Skis

Newschoolers' Quick Review: The 116 is tons of fun. It's a fairly solid ski but still plenty playful. It isn't necessarily one for the big lines, but it'd be a great great choice for the park kid who wants to get jibby in the pow like THall or the dad who wants to have a more surfy style to their skiing in deep snow. …

  • Sizes: 175, 185, 192
  • Dimensions: 139 - 116 - 135 - 185

Armada ARV 86

2019 Skis

Member Quick Review : Park is where the 86 truly shines. I've been riding wider skis for the past couple of years and I was surprised. I thought the 86 would be your stereotypical jump and trail ski, but this thing slays everything. It's got a really nice buttery flex in the tip and tail, and it's super solid un…

  • Sizes: 163, 170, 177, 184
  • Dimensions: 118 / 86 / 112 @ 177

Armada ARV 96

2019 Skis

Newschoolers' Quick Review: The ARV 96 is a versatile, medium flexing option that pretty much lets you take on anything you want in the park world. You can take it to decent sized jumps and you can swerve around the smallest of features. The shape handles soft snow pretty well for the size and the swingweight is…

  • Sizes: 163, 170, 177, 184
  • Dimensions: 126 / 96 / 118

Armada ARV 96 TI

2019 Skis

Newschoolers' Quick Review: I've only had a couple of runs on these skis (having spent a solid chunk on the regular ARV96) but these are exactly what you'd expect. Same ARV shape but damper and stiffer. It's a great shape for skiing the whole mountain too so the added stiffness turns them in to a real charger. The reg…

  • Sizes: 163, 170, 177, 184
  • Dimensions: 118 / 96 / 112 @ 184

Armada ARW 86

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Fun is making a comeback and the Armada ARW 86 is leading the charge with a playful and light jib machine that makes the best thing on earth that much better.

  • Sizes: 156, 163, 170
  • Dimensions: 115 / 86 / 109 @ 170

Armada ARW 96

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Send it deep with the improved Armada ARW 96, our marquee women's all-mountain freestyle ski featuring an all-new ash and poplar core that reduces weight while adding pop. From jumps to jibs and a whole lot of air time in between, the ARW 96 wants it all, and more.

  • Sizes: 156, 163, 170
  • Dimensions: 123 / 96 / 115 @ 170

Black Crows Atris

2019 Skis

The squadron's flagship model: the atris is a success with everyone on all snow types around the world. This stable ski is quick when edging with a progressive tail and a tolerant degree of flex; a powerful performer at high speed without lost of maneuverability. A really sporty character. The atris is a big mountain…

  • Sizes: 178.3, 184.2, 189.7
  • Dimensions: 140 / 108 / 126

Black Crows Atris Birdie

2019 Skis

Like its universal avatar, the atris birdie concentrates on four things: stability, rapid edging, tolerant degree of flex, and progressive tail rise. The combination means these skis perform superbly at high speed without loss of maneuverability or sportiness. Lighter and a little more supple than the universal atr…

  • Sizes: 160.1, 169.1, 178.3
  • Dimensions: 136 / 108 / 123

Armada B-Dog

2019 Skis

Newschoolers' Quick Review: The Armada BDog is basically what I always hoped the T-Hall ski would evolve into. It feels like a wide ski, but without the compromises of a fatter ski. Many of you will be considering the new ARV skis, but for the more jibby among you, I would take a closer look at the BDog. As an…

  • Sizes: 165, 172, 179
  • Dimensions: 125 / 90 / 119 @ 179

Atomic Backland 107

2019 Skis

Newschoolers' Quick Review: The dimensions suggested that it would be turny but undergunned in deeper pow for a skier of Toby and my weight, but the numbers lied. Maybe it's the magic HRZN tech; maybe its the pronounced tip rocker. Whatever it was the Backland had no problem going straight and it certainly had…

  • Sizes: 175, 182, 189
  • Dimensions: 137 / 107 / 124

Atomic Backland 117

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Backcountry touring is exploding, and over the past few years our Backland series has proved super popular among new tourers, as well as a lot of seasoned pros. The reason for Backland’s popularity is that it’s strong and technical but still really easy to use. And this year w…

  • Sizes: 179, 186, 193
  • Dimensions: 141.5 / 117 / 130.5

Lib Tech Backwards

2019 Skis

Manufacturer’s Description: Flat lift early rise/camber freestyle contour with a press friendly jib focus that rips everything with the positive hook up of Magne-Traction and a longer camber pocket under foot. This is Taho all terrain wizard Colby Albino’s favorite for hardpack days.

  • Sizes: 160, 166, 172, 178
  • Dimensions: 127 / 94 / 121 @ 178

Deviation Ballistic

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Designed with freestyle progression in mind, the all-new Ballistic is primed to throw down everywhere from sidecountry lines to side hits to spring park laps. Light enough to spin and wide and damp enough to huck into powder, this model features the most tip and tail rocker of any ski ot…

  • Sizes: 165, 174, 182
  • Dimensions: 125 / 99 / 122

Volkl Bash 81

2019 Skis

(Formerly the Transfer 81) Characteristics: Lightweight, Cheap, Undemanding, Grippy Manufacturer's Description: For the young skier who wants a rock-solid twin tip that can conquer the park as well as ski the whole mountain, the Bash 81 has a directional shape of 111-81-104 mm. This value-packed ride featu…

  • Sizes: 148, 158, 168, 178
  • Dimensions: 111 / 81 / 104

Volkl Bash 86

2019 Skis

Description: New for 18/19 - More Info Coming soon. Tip/Tail Rocker

  • Sizes: 148, 156, 164, 172, 180
  • Dimensions: 120 / 86 / 110

Volkl Bash 86W

2019 Skis

Description: New for 18/19 - More Info Coming soon. Tip/Tail Rocker

  • Sizes: 148, 156, 164, 172
  • Dimensions: 120 / 86 / 110

Volkl Bash 89

2019 Skis

(Formerly the Transfer 89) Newschoolers' Review The Bash is a directional ski. The flex felt similar to the Step but the tail felt slightly stiffer. I like a directional ski and I found I could handle the softer flex better on the Revolt 85. They were easier to carve too and would actually make a pretty good …

  • Sizes: 155, 163, 171, 179
  • Dimensions: 122 / 89 / 112

Moment Bella

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Why mess with a reviewer's favorite? Well, since converting the Bella to the same rocker profile we use in the Meridian, we've heard nothing but praise for the radical change in design. We've unleashed a friendly dragon, one that is just as willing to carve as ever, but even more playfu…

  • Dimensions: 137 / 107 / 127

Atomic Bent Chetler 100

2019 Skis

Newschoolers' Quick Review: The funny thing about the Bentchetler 100 is that it is almost wholly unlike its larger sibling. You'd expect a soft-ish, playful midfat ski, given that the 120 is such a jibby powder tool but in fact, the 100 is a fairly directional, fairly stiff inbounds mixed conditions oriented of s…

  • Sizes: 164, 172, 180, 188
  • Dimensions: 129.5 / 100 / 120

Atomic Bent Chetler 120

2019 Skis

Newschoolers' Quick Review: The Bent Chetler is an icon of a ski. They're extremely surfy, float great and are very playful offering infinite buttery fun! They carve well, but they do chatter a more than other skis in the same bracket (ON3P Jeffrey 116, Volkl Bash 116.. even the Magnum Opus) however the new, lig…

  • Sizes: 176, 184, 192
  • Dimensions: 143 / 120 / 134

Sego Big Horn 106

2019 Skis

Characteristics: Maneuverable, Stable, Low Swing Weight Manufacturer's Description: A big horn sheep scrambling across a craggy Teton face is mountain athletics as designed by nature. Sego’s Big Horn was designed by Peter Wells to help team athlete Tyler Van Martin navigate those same slopes with as l…

  • Sizes: 169, 176, 181, 187

Sego Big Horn 90

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: The skinniest member of the Big Horn family is built for low swing weight and stability in the terrain park. Stout camber underfoot provides serious pop and great absorption for stomping landings. Butter zones in the tips and tails make presses automatic. And, directional sidecut wi…

  • Dimensions: 116 / 90 / 112

Sego Big Horn 96

2019 Skis

Newschoolers Review: The Sego Big Horn 96 is a super-versatile ski. They feel a bit more focused on all-mountain performance, as opposed prioritising jibbing, with a very solid underfoot section. But the softer nose and tail mean they are still pretty playful and butterable. They turn really nicely on hardpa…

  • Sizes: 169, 176, 181, 187
  • Dimensions: 122 / 96 / 118

ON3P Billy Goat

2019 Skis

Since our beginning, the Billy Goat has been the go-to choice for stability, power, and maneuverability in soft snow. Now in its 7th iteration, we’ve modified our RES (Reverse Elliptical Sidecut) design to incorporate a blending radius between the Tip & Tail sidecut, substantially improving hardpack perform…

  • Sizes: 179, 184, 189
  • Dimensions: 141 - 143 / 116 / 125 - 126

Rossignol Black Ops

2019 Skis

Newschoolers' Review: The Black Ops is the Rossi ski I've been waiting for. Solid underfoot, maneuverable, and full of pop despite being pretty hefty, these skis are not to be taken lightly. Currently only produced in the 186 length, these Rossi's are just enough ski for me. They hold a suprising edge on groomers…