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      • Review by rudager on Jan 17, 2015 @ 5:09 PM
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        I've always been on the fence when it comes to putting down more than $20 on a ski pole.
        "Just use rental poles"
        "Take them from the rack"
        There are many ways to acquire ski poles, I'm not one to take other peoples poles though. It's just not that nice.

        The past few seasons, I've been using Goode graphite poles, they're durable as all hell, and cheap. But when they break, they explode.
        So I ventured away from the graphite and looked for an aluminium pole. I liked the idea of something that's adjustable for touring, but didn't like the grips that many of the Black Diamond poles had.
        I went with the Line Pollard's Paint Brush, and I'm very happy with the results.

        The design is simple. Plastic clamp allows the user to choose lengths between 100cm to 130cm.
        Huge fan of Line's skinny grips, and grab tab.
        Bonus: Grab tab is incredibly useful for flipping the height adjustments on touring bindings such as the Salomon Guardian.
        The baskets are marketed as a simple switch between park and powder baskets. I however struggled with this swap (could just be me though).
        Adjustable straps did just what they were supposed to do. Plus they looked good.
        Also (like many of you), I'm a huge fan of Mr. Pollard's art, and these poles are wonderful to look at.

        Durabilty, they have held their own. Taken a ton of abuse and falls, and still have maintained their shape.
        Clamps themselves are durable as well, a small piece has broken off on the inside of the clamp tab, but hasn't messed up its adjusting function.

        Overall, solid pole, worth the money. Great choice for those looking for an adjustable pole for touring, or just whatever they like.

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