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      • Review by MacMahoooon on Aug 29, 2013 @ 4:46 PM
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        I've been using Shred Ready helmets for whitewater kayaking for quite a while, so I was happy to see they were making a push into the snow sports world. The general look if fairly simple and clean, which I enjoy. It is a little bulky looking but not a full bowling ball look. The bulk comes from the fairly thick layer of foam used, though does inspire confidence in its protection level. I have a hard time deciding if it is a full hard shell or not, the outer shell feels somewhere in between, but does look like it will hold up to some abuse. The inner mesh liner is comfortable on the head and keeps hair from coming out the vents too much. On the topic of vents, the grouping of vents on the top do a great job dumping heat when you are warm, but note they do not have any covers or plugs. I've used it on a couple fairly cold days and its fine when you are moving and staying warm, but you may want a beanie under for the really cold days to keep the air from freezing your dome.

        Fit wise I lucked out that the shell shape fits my head very well, but it seems to be a fairly specific shape since I've had a few other people with the same head size try it on, and they do get some pressure points, so you want to make sure you try it on first, as you should with any helmet. The adjustment wheel at the back of the head is super easy to use, even with gloves, so you can get a really good fit. The shape of the brim pairs really well with several different goggle models I've tried it with, so no worries about brainfreeze from a goggle gap.

        The chin strap is comfortable, and the funky magnetic clip works much better than I expected at first glance, and feels very secure. Ear pads fit really well and are nicely padded without being hugely bulky. I have paired mine with their Tune Up kit which gives quality sound, and not too much wind noise while riding.

        Overall I'd say this is a solid entry into the snow market for Shred Ready, and look forward to seeing where they go from here.

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