UPDATE 2/14/2018: The 2018 Real Ski videos just launched, read our review here! The line-up for X Games Real Ski dropped last night and frankly, I don't think they could have picked better. This actually might be a list of my favorite 6 people to watch ski street at the moment, each bringing a different flavor to proceedings. Let's get straight to it:


Last year's winner: Magnus Graner/Gustav Cavallin


As the reigning champion, Magnus is back for 2018 and you know he's going to come up with something wild. You may or may not be in to his style, but his talent is undeniable. Personally, I love watching Magnus' mind unfold on his skis and alongside lead Bunch filmer Gustav Cavallin, he's reportedly staying is Sweden this year, so expect lots of both spots and tricks you haven't seen before.


Last year's viewer's choice: LJ Strenio/Jake Strassman


LJ is a madman, on skis at least. Last year's edit contained shots that I'm fairly sure nobody else on the planet would even consider. I'd be highly surprised if this year's entry was any different and I could definitely see him taking home the win. I can't wait to see what insanity LJ puts himself through but I really hope it doesn't hurt as much as last year looked like it did.


Phil Casabon/Alexandre Casabon & Brady Perron


Phil is arguably the all-time MVP of street skiing. His history includes some of the most insane segments ever seen: Tempo, BE Inspired, Keynote Skier, Eye Trip and beyond. I can't wait to see what he can finally put out for X Games Real Ski having had invites, but been battling injuries, in the past couple of years. He's one of my two favourites to take the win, though even picking two wasn't easy.


Mike Hornbeck/Spencer Milbocker

https://www.newschoolers.com/videos/watch/823962/Mike-Hornbeck-for-XGAMES-Real-Street-2017Mike is another guy who could lay claim to the aforementioned all-time MVP title. He's criminally under-credited for the role he's played in influencing some of today's most popular skiers. Having been trying to get a Real Ski spot for a couple of years now, he thoroughly deserves to have finally been given a shot. He's teamed up with Minnesota partner in crime Spencer Millbocker and I can't wait to see what he comes up with. Legend.


Antti Ollila/Joonas Mattila


Antti has been killing it for so long that it hurts my brain to remember that he's only 22. For so long he was so underrated that it's amazing to see him finally getting some of the credit that he's long been due. Hopefully X Games Real Ski will continue his recent rise to prominence. I'm convinced he can do anything on skis more or less first try and he makes everything look incredible. His street segments in Keeshlife The Movie and This Is Home are among the best seen in the past couple of years and Real Ski is probably his biggest break so far, so I'm expecting him to be hungry. Alongside Phil he's probably my favourite to take the win overall.


Keegan Kilbride/Ethan Timmons


Keegan is incredible to watch on skis, that's all I need to say really. I'm actually slightly surprised the industry is on-the-ball enough to give him a spot but it is unquestionably deserved. His Habit segment seems like it will be a career defining moment but his unique style has been shining through for a couple of years now, not least in B.U.F.U (above). With bangers in HG Skis incredible Eat The Guts as well, Keegan is on top of his game and is bound to blow minds with his entry.


I've claimed my favorites to take the win in the article but I fully accept that I'm odds on to be wrong. Any one of these six could take the win, I think this is is the strongest Real Ski lineup to date. Who do you think is going to win (aside from the viewers, that's a given)?