X Games Real Ski is back for 2018 and arguably crazier than ever. This year injury took its toll on a couple of competitors but they still put it down as far as their bodies allowed. When you think about it, it's actually insane that in the past two years, everyone has been able to get their edits shot and finished without major injury in the crazily short two-month time frame. Check them out and let us know who you think is going to take it. Oh and don't forget to VOTE!



LJ pushed himself to the mental and physical limit for his last Real Ski part. He vowed at the time never to put himself through the same again and true to his word, this year's segment is totally different. It's probably the most flowy street edit I've ever seen (discounting JP in All I Can and T Wall's Imagination, which were much larger/more complicated affairs all round), and this is actually my favourite entry to watch. I'm not sure I'd necessarily argue it should win on technicality, but it made me want to go ski street the most, that's for sure. It must also have been a crazy amount of work to put together, just in a different way from last yeah. Oh and Jake's filming is out of this world.




There isn't much left to say about Phil Casabon that hasn't already been said. Arguably the best street skier of all time, his edit is fire from start to finish. The switch 5050 is a personal highlight of mine, as is the ender, but every single trick is a home run. Him and Antti are a cut above for me.




Antti is the guy most of the riders I've spoken to are quietly expecting to take home the W (though admittedly I'm on the european side of the pond). He's got a perfect balance of style, progressive tricks and creativity and displays all three in this cut. I think he'd be my subjective pick to take the top spot based because he probably did the most things I've not even thought of, but choosing between him and Phil for is nigh-impossible.




Keegan fell victim to the funding curse somewhat. Real Ski money only comes in after you complete filming, so you have to pay for filming out of pocket. The result for Keegan is that his whole edit was reportedly filmed on a single two week trip to Minnesota. Luckily Keegan is a machine so it all came together, though with three street segments last year, I shouldn't really be surprised.




Unfortunately, Magnus was the first of a duo who got hurt, in his case a shoulder injury that kept him out of the bulk of the contest. His part definitely had potential, the few tricks he did get are crazy but missing most of the filming period will fuck you over.




The second guy to struggle with injury (broken ribs) Mike is and always will be one of my favorite skiers and so despite the injury struggles, I loved watching this cut. Spencer killed it with the camera and, while it sucks to see someone not produce what they perhaps would have wanted because of getting hurt, I still really enjoy this as a street edit that makes me want to go ski.