After a frankly bonkers men's big air last night, today saw the ladies take their turn on the big booter at Aspen. Instead of the primetime slot under the lights, the ladies were sending under sunny skies at lunctime. Unfortunately 4 of the 8 riders were injured or pulled out of big air for other reasons but there were some dope dubs on show nonetheless. The ease with which they went down promises big things for slope in Pyeongchang.

Dominique Ohaco: Right 7 Safety (22), switch left 9 mute (32).

Johanne Killi: Left cork 9 tail (33), switch right dub 10 japan (46).

Sarah Hoefflin: Switch left dub 9 safety (43), switch right 'double wobble' 10 high mute (43). Click for video.

Tess Ledeux: Left dub 10 safety (43), right cork 7 tail (27).

Sarah Hoefflin has been one of the best girls on jumps for years now and finally got a deserved invite to X. And with a clean sw dub 9 to the left and a sw right 'dub wobble' 10 she duly took the win by a margin. With 3 of 4 stomping dubs, the ladies are killing it right now.