Having waited around an extra 20 minutes for basketball, the new format Big Air (mandatory left/right spin) kicked off with 3 triples and got crazier from there. With handfuls of never been done tricks all over the place, skiing is in a crazy place right now.

Nummedal: Triple 16 double japan (41), right dub 12 dub japan (29)

Oystein: Switch left double 14 tail to tail! (45), switch right double 14 safety to japan (39): Click for video

Boesch: Right triple 16 safety (37), Left triple 1980 pencil to safety (43)

Birk Ruud: Switch left triple 1800 safety (40), right triple 14 safety (30)

Mahler: Carving left triple 16 safety, carving right triple 14 boot grab (31).

Eirik Saateroy: Switch right dub 10 (24), left triple 14 safety (36)

Henrik: Switch left triple 'orbital' 14 (43), switch right triple 14 (43): Click for video

Woodsy: Switch right triple 14 Octo (44), left triple 14 safety (35): Click for video

Henrik then proceeded to critique the 'both ways required' format in an interview, saying he preferred the old format because it allows more creativity and distinguishes big air from slopestyle better. Oystein's tail to tail switch dub 14 (which should be impossible no?) was the biggest score of the night and it's dope to see the judges really rewarding less obvious technicality. At the end of the day though, Henrik throwing his first ever right triple was enough to take the win. What an insane show.