Cover Photo: Dan Brown

The Newschoolers Tell A Friend Tour starts at Killington Resort on Saturday (01/06) and there are stops all through Jan-March. To start things off with a bang, the weekend also features a TAFT competition with $3k up for grabs on the Sunday. The competitions are the brainchild of tour head wizard Andy Parry. There's money available for good tricks and good times with the basic idea being that most competitions are unfair in that they privilege physicality over creativity. There are certainly those who argue that on a basic level no one should judge skiing, and Andy is among them. TAFT Comps, however, are not about that. They're about doing cool shit and getting paid for it in cash.

All entrants qualify for a morning session, judged by the TAFT pros and focusing on trick challenges, feature challenges and all manner of other inventions from the creative minds involved. Each of these mini 'comps' comes with a marked cash prize and then in the middle of the day lunch happens, cash winnings are counted and the top earners progress to a final showdown on a selected feature or set of features. The day culminates in a winner (or winners), who takes home the remainder of the cash. It's loose, it's free and it's definitely different.

Check out the recap from last year, as well as the video below if you need some more motivation, but this is one not to be missed!