6 years deep and the basic format for the Newschoolers Tell A Friend Tour remains the same as on day one: visit hills, get kids stoked, give out prizes and then eat pizza. In other words, it's the realest thing that anyone is putting on in the ski industry right now because, in the words of founder and general bossman Andy Parry, "it's about the fans, the kids who love skiing."

Andy, accompanied by a plethora of guest pros, will be visiting resorts all across the country, and inviting you to come out and ski with them. Along the way they’ll be hosting rail jams, prize tosses and pizza parties. Last year competitions were added to the tour and they’ll be back again this year at Killington and Trollhaugen giving east coast and mid-western skier respectively their chance to take home fistfuls of cash for their skiing stunt skills. And for the first time, the tour is makings its way west (and to the north of the border) stopping at The Big 3 in Alberta.

Most importantly, the TAFT stop experience is just plain fun. I finally got to check it out when they came to the UK and it’s probably the most stoked I’ve ever seen the kids at the local slope... and the most well fed I’ve been on the hill too. If you’re in the area for one of the stops, I’d highly recommend checking it out for a nice reminder of just what makes skiing as great as it is.

Check out the 17/18 schedule: