In this episode, we check in with our friends up north and spotlight a company blowing up in Quebec. This is the Vulgus365 episode with Sam McKernan.



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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Backstory and sams background

0:02:55 What is Vulgus, products,

0:07:30 First gen snowpants, manufacture

0:13:50 Baggy pants, staying current on trends

0:17:35 Fashion and taste

0:21:20 Seeing product on hill, shipping

0:28:35 Popups at events

0:30:00 Brands, culture

0:36:35 Canada, Local heros

0:47:45 Sponsoring people

0:49:35 365 explained, Raf inside joke

0:52:15 Importance of established skiers

0:55:05 Adding medium, favorite pants

0:57:00 Limited drops

0:58:45 Vulgus365 chapter 2 and plug