(Formerly the Transfer 89)

Newschoolers' Review

The Bash is a directional ski. The flex felt similar to the Step but the tail felt slightly stiffer. I like a directional ski and I found I could handle the softer flex better on the Revolt 85. They were easier to carve too and would actually make a pretty good all mountain twin as they felt more stable to me and the pop was still good. -tompietrowski

Characteristics: Stable, Maneuverable, Tough

Manufacturer's Description:

The most versatile all mountain twin tip on the hill, the Bash 89 features tip and tail rocker and a directional shape of 122-89-112 mm. Bolstered by a Multi-Layer wood core, carbon stringers and our bomber tough box construction, this very maneuverable ski feels at home in the pipe and park as well as on the slopes.

Sizes: 155, 163, 171, 179 CM

Dimensions: 122 / 89 / 112 MM

Radius: 16.7 - 23.5 M