In this episode, we sit down with Line Skis athlete and Child Labor member, Bennie Osnow.

Take 3 by Child Labor

Don't Fret by Child Labor






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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Summer update Windells and Hood with Line

0:01:25 Growing up, moving to Vermont, SMS, Competing

0:11:50 Torn Meniscus, Having fun skiing,

0:18:40 Mount Snow, Joining the Carinthia Team, Liam Downey, First sponsors

0:29:00 Mindset graduating high school, First time at Windells,

0:31:45 Joining Line, Slvsh game, Woodward Tahoe, Hood Line Week

0:41:35 Moving to Salt Lake, Child Labor, Tell a Friend Tour

0:55:45 Don't Fret, Skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding

1:02:10 Take 3, Line Street, SuperUnknown

1:07:45 Past winter, east coast, Will Wesson, The Cabin

1:16:00 Hot Take, Viewer Questions