In this episode, we sit down with Owen, Tyler, and Gucci from the Millbastards to talk about their most recent movie "Greatest Hits Collection"

Greatest Hits Collection



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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Line Skis ad read

0:00:28 Introduction

0:01:40 Introducing MillBastards, background

0:07:55 How the Greatest Hits movie came together

0:11:15 Recording Real Ski at the same time

0:13:05 Watching snow and scoping spots run and gun

0:14:30 Priority level of creating the movie

0:16:10 How the season went, filming with Child Labor

0:21:05 Salt Lake City crews, premiere story

0:26:20 X Games interviews

0:27:30 Clip breakdown

0:28:05 Down ledge layback

0:34:05 Jed 1st street spot crash

0:39:00 Paul Schwayz clips, Owens clips, Snowboard

0:44:50 Tyler's part, concussions, bails and bangers

1:00:00 Backyard spots, Ryans part

1:04:60 Magma III ?

1:06:15 Conclusion