In the first episode of 2022, we sit down with LJ Strenio coming off his retirement announcement to look back on his ski career.



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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Line Skis ad read

0:00:28 Introduction

0:01:40 Stepping down from professional skiing and social media

0:05:25 Working remote, NASA internship

0:09:50 The start, Rails 2 Riches, Groups, Orage Masters

0:17:30 Next steps film skiing and college, Meatheads and Rage Films

0:30:25 Joining Line Traveling Circus, Standout memories, Ian Compton retiring

0:47:15 Vermont to Utah

0:49:00 2010-2011 Season edit, Whale tail photo

0:59:05 Looking back on the 2012 injury,

1:05:35 Marathon experience

1:08:10 Growing pains, Real Ski

1:16:15 Viewer questions

1:31:40 Thank you LJ