In this episode, we dive into the mind of a full-time ski bum



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Mill Bastards SLC premiere November 14 at the @clubhouseslc

Show Notes:

0:00:00 Line Skis ad read

0:00:28 Intro

0:01:06 Ryan's background

0:10:30 Oregon spring pass trip

0:12:05 Staying out west

0:23:00 Being a skier

0:26:40 Rv lifestyle

0:30:15 Startup cost and expenses

0:32:15 Gear and support

0:39:15 Getting into surfing with Lupe

0:43:00 Handling RV life

0:47:20 Millbastards crew

0:52:20 The ski industry

0:58:40 Planning for the future & being free

1:01:20 Journey with concussions

1:08:25 Bucket List items to do in skiing

1:12:00 Closing