In this episode, we sit down with Steve Stepp to learn about growing up in Pennsylvania, meeting Tom Wallisch, living in the 4Bi9 house, and working with Saga. We also answer the question on everyone's mind: What happened to They See Me Trollin?



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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Line Skis ad read

0:00:29 Intro

0:01:05 Living with Nick Goepper, staying with X_Ankilla for a week,

0:11:55 Growing up, getting into park skiing, discovering Newschoolers nearly twenty years ago

0:19:55 Becoming friends with Tom Wallisch, rooming together at college & the orignal 4BI9

0:47:25 Behind They See Me Trollin, SAGA owing money

1:14:10 Being present now

1:16:35 Viewer questions