In this episode, we learn all about Shredsauce: how it was created, why it was created, and behind the scenes of how it all works. The second half is spent answering viewer questions that were submitted via Instagram @TwoPlankerPod.



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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Intro

0:00:30 Malcolm & video games before Shredsauce

0:05:00 Why and how Shredsauce was created

0:14:35 Origins of Shredsauce

0:20:55 Collaborations and contests

0:29:25 Transition to modern Shredsauce and getting it on mobile

0:36:30 Interacting with the community

0:39:40 Malcolm talks creating Shredsauce solo and with the help of the community

0:43:45 Developing the backend of the game

0:46:05 Costs and Revenue

0:49:20 Full time work

0:50:40 Featured section, cheats

0:54:40 Next projects for Shredsauce

1:03:30 Listener questions

1:33:50 Advice and closing