In this episode, we sit down with ski legend Tom Wallisch to discuss the past, present, and future of his event, Steel City Showdown.



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Photos by @jake.nomiddlename.dube


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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Line Skis ad read

0:00:30 Intro

0:01:20 Tom's background

0:03:45: Origin of Steel City Showdown event, Growing up with Steve Stepp

0:11:20 First steps, Costs

0:22:15 Green light, Reaching out to skiers, Delegation

0:28:45 Dealing with weather the first year, Tucker Fitzsimons podium, Rails in slopestyle

0:39:20 Event features and location, Livestream chat

0:50:30 2022 Event, Current competitive scene

1:04:05 Future path

1:16:20 Viewer questions